Daily Prompt; One Word Prompt


  1. a small brush with a long handle, used for cleaning the teeth.


Toothbrush is the word for today.

How many things do you use your toothbrush for? I have always used them for my teeth. I use old ones to clean around sink faucets, grouts, seams and even spills on my clothes. I always loved getting a new toothbrush from the dentist when I was a kid. Today, when I look in that section in the store, I am amazed at the bright colors and alluring brushes they have for kids. Hey, it’s great! Helps the kids want to develop good habits at a young age, and the toothpaste; some of it sounds yummy, like Bubblegum? I used Crest all my life.

What else can we use toothbrushes for?

They can be used to remove crayon from the walls.

Brush your eyebrows

Clean your fingernails

Clean the soles of your shoes

Remove marks on floors

Apply hair dye

Clean appliances

It’s pretty amazing isn’t it. An item that cost as little as one dollar and is so versatile. What would we do without them?

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