And the Heat Continues

Oh my gosh it is so hot outside. I hate having to run my air conditioning 24/7 but with high humidity and heat, I can’t breathe well enough. I can remember being a kid and nothing bothered me enough to not ride my bike. I don’t remember ever telling my parents it is too hot outside to play. What happens to our bodies as we age that we can’t take the heat?

The virus is on the rise here in Indiana. This is another reason I don’t venture out too much. Why did we believe that as children we better follow the rules but as adults we can choose to ignore rules?

I am not the brightest cookie in the cookie jar but I just don’t understand the ripping down of statues which is our history. Can you explain how this can release our history?

2 thoughts on “And the Heat Continues

  1. we have a setting call echo and we set it on low set it for 70 its just so nice it’s a window air conditioner in ousr Dining area the kitchen and dining area is 1 big room got it at Sears off 30 in Warsaw guess they closed done that area is becoming a ghost shopping center it’s ashame. all those buildings going to waste. well I made it to water my 3 tomato plants and my sweet potato I have grow Ing in a container I should have a bunch in 90 days we will see growing well though. I have hostas out front and 2 planters I bought from Kroger has various vines and geraniums have some ground cover don’t know what it’s called sweet yellow peppers watermelon Sweet William, bachelor buttons , pinks going to try other container gardening too russet potatoes and strawberries and blueberry bush maybe lettuce and carrots and green beans. Hope I have enough energy to take care of it all with container gardening I think you can do some things yr round. I’m going to have to ck my Pinterest Stay cool my day coming they say Tuesday in the 70s on .y weather app on my phone in in Facebook jail I got panicky and posted to much the said I abused the privilege of posting they had to block me 😊

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    • I kept my coolness on 73 but yesterday the heat was too much and I turned it to 72. I appreciate everything you have said. Life is tough and I am doing the best I can, which I guess this is the best any of us can do. i have central air here. I have a few flowers out on my porch. I have thought about planter gardens but didn’t try it this year. Oh, fresh tomatoes sound so good. Thanks for being my friend


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