Covid-19 and Daily Living

I have hesitated for awhile now in writing on my blog, only because my life seems the same today or yesterday. Then I thought; well maybe someone eles’s life is boring too and mine may be something different to read.

I don’t get out too much anymore because I have too many health issues that make doing trips not so much fun; but when I do, I take great notice in the changing of colors here in my area in the trees. I am just blown away how beautiful Fall is and I think God is just the smartest man ever, especially when he knew some of us didn’t like the cold winters coming, so he created a gorgeous Fall to come before the cold.

I have taken a lot of photos of the trees, as you probably realize since you have followed my blog for some time. I love the camera. So many times I take a photo and a few moments later that picture I saw is no longer there.

I have put out some Halloween decorations and plan on being involved this weekend with the Trick-or treat walk in our neighborhood. I am giving out single-wrapped granola bars. I hope the kids like them and I believe they will not be a Covid-19 threat to anyone. I have always enjoyed this time of year but I have to admit, I have had to push myself especially this year to get involved. I really believe this worldly virus has played some heavy attacks on our minds.

As I listen to the news, I am sad to hear that the virus is beginning to peak again here in Indiana, and already, the hospitals are seeing more cases. I wonder if we will go backwards, and start shutting the state down again.

The virus is hope to be beaten by a vaccine maybe by the end of this year. When it will be ready for all Americans; I don’t know. I am a skeptic though. I want proof. I want to see many people not have deep side-effects from this vaccine, so who is going to go first? Someone has to, I just don’t want it to be me. What about you? Are you a skeptic or are you eager to jump right in there and be one of the first?

5 thoughts on “Covid-19 and Daily Living

  1. You took some lovely pictures! I wish I could get trick or treaters at my home, but they never come where I live. I think the neighborhood has too many older folks and so not enough children. I have candy if any surprise me, though.

    This pandemic has certainly changed a lot of things for all of us this year, and I think many of us naively hoped to be restored to “normal usual life” by now. I know I did. I’m still being good about wearing a mask whenever I leave my home, and breathing with one on is getting easier as I go along. I hope your ability to stay independent with your life continues, and that you will be eligible for any help you might need that makes it possible.

    We were able to get 40 hours of help for my mother via Department of Aging, and it kept her from having to live in assisted living until she was honestly not well enough to matter so much. She even had rides to the doctor appointments (her nearest children and grands all worked), and many free supplies for her hygiene needs that she simply couldn’t afford. It made SUCH a difference!

    I’m going to contact them sometime when things get more calm again (we’re in a big resurgence in WI), so I can see what I am eligible for and be ready for when my job is terminated. I work for a client with a program that resolves a software failure. When they get it resolved, I will not want to keep working full time. So, I’ll probably retire in one or two years.

    For now, I enjoy having a reason to stay on task about getting up during the week. I tend to get more done after working at home, too.

    Bless you, and keep giving us updates! Your thoughts are fun to listen to.

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    • I wear my mask when out in public still also. I think I won’t have anymore than forty children for Trick or treat nite and for me, that’s enough. LOL. Thanks for the compliment on my photos. I believe that is one of the biggest things I miss about being disabled and retired, the routine. Meaning, going to bed because I have to get up to the alarm, planning on my home duties around my work duties. Now, I have all the time for anything. I miss people, the chatting with and dressing for work. I could wear my night gown all day if I wanted, because no one would take notice. I guess if you have a nice nest egg built, retirement can be a good thing, but I don’t and it’s too late now. I try to take in the simplicity of life and watch God’s beauty. I notice things that to others are small, because I still need to thank God that I am living and know I am living for his purpose, so I try to have a good outlook even when it’s boring. Hugs

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      • I have admitted that I won’t do well without the structure because I never do when I am furloughed. I have all of these grand plans, but they don’t happen, chuckle.

        I would like to have a pension or some savings to retire with, but I’ll be one of those Boomers who lives only with Social Security income. I am wholly grateful that God set me up with this job that allowed me to do clerical work since I am physically limited with fibro and arthritis. The pay is good because it is a temporary situation that required good computer skills (thankfully I grew those as I went along in my life). That’s allowed me to stay employed until I was at full retirement age, and that’s something not many folks my age (and not even one of my 8 parents) have been able to do.

        I’m not bragging – I’m breathless with amazement! So many of them were in better health through their prime years, and I thought I was going to be marginalized for my obesity and other limitations. It’s all about God’s plan, not mine, for sure.

        For now, I am living under my income, in a 580 sq ft apartment for $750/month that includes a garage to use/store stuff in. I am buying the best of the last of anything I’ll need: furniture, bedding, TV, maintaining the 8 year old car that was the youngest car I ever owned when I bought it three years ago. I’m finally done with all of that after November – unless the car dies and God makes a way to get another before I run out of this employment.

        I was married for 27 years before he left, and he passed away in 2013, so I am now eligible for widow’s benefits (since we were married for more than 10 years). I began collecting this month and I’ll save what I can while I can. It will probably pay for movers when I have to move into senior housing. That will be a blessing for my sons not to have to move me again (chuckle).


  2. What amazing colours around you. Even if there is not so much you do anymore you notice the little things, keep doing this. Yes the virus has changed many lives and we don’t do much anymore. The highlight of my week is my shopping delivery. We all cope in a different way, we do need to cope. Look out the window and find beauty, nature has not changed and that can give us strength.

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