Well, Halloween is over and suddenly, Christmas is in all the stores. Christmas commercials have been seen on the television and people are beginning to think about the upcoming holiday and a few are starting to decorate.

With today’s weather here in Indiana, it seems like summer is still here. I will definitely enjoy these next few days of warm temperatures, but, no matter what the weather, the calendar says we are heading into winter.

What happened to Thanksgiving? Here in Indiana, there is talk on the media that we should do virtual Thanksgiving. My son says we are doing real Thanksgiving, just like other years and I agree, unless someone becomes ill.

What about you? Are you concerned about the upcoming holidays, along with travel and being in one house with many people? Let me know.

Photo taken by me.

7 thoughts on “Halloween/Christmas

  1. We used to do Thanksgiving at one home but it would be my sister and I with our children and some of our nephews. This year, my sister’s family is too vulnerable, and she’s staying at home in the safe harbor stance.

    My sons want to gather at one son’s home this Thanksgiving, and then at the other son’s home for Christmas. My youngest son has a son himself (6 years old by Thanksgiving) and will be the host home for Thanksgiving. He’s invited his girlfriend and her two daughters as well as his room mate and her daughter (they have no romance, just friendship and safety) along with me and his brother. So there will be 9 at our celebration. I’m fine with that as we’ve all been careful and are working so we need to stay careful.

    Christmas will be similar at the older son’s home. Just a different location.

    We’re not inviting friends, just family and keeping it with just a few folks. It will be nice to have it so simple as some of our gathers have gone as high as 25 folks. I like the smaller idea, now that I am older.

    The only caveat is that I live the furthest from each of my sons, so I’ll have a long drive there and back home. I don’t mind, as I enjoy a good drive more than they do (wink).

    Hope you feel good about your family gather!


  2. We have already had our Thanksgiving on Oct. 12, but I almost never do anything special. I have invited one friend for Christmas, and am not sure if there will be anyone else. I don’t have family, so it has to be friends. So it won’t be much of a group here, but nothing to do with COVID. I am not really concerned with it either.

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      • I had at least 2 over last year and previous years I had a couple more. I just hope they get my oven fixed by then. They put in a new part last Friday which was supposed to fix it, but it still doesn’t work. Have you ever tried to bake a large potato in an oven that wouldn’t heat over 200′? It took 3 hours and it still wasn’t completely cooked. Good enough to eat, though, but too big to eat at one meal. The next day I went to heat the rest up and it wouldn’t even turn on. And of this past Monday we have new building owners.


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