The Beginning of What God Has in Store

Well my friends, it’s back to our routines. Most went to work today. The mail and the banks are once again open. Some kids went back to school.

I came back home to the quietness. It’s alright, at least for today. Sometimes here, silence is truly golden versus what I could be dealing with.

Today, I puttered around. I had loaded my car yesterday at my sons and unloaded it when I got home, so once again, I am babying my lower back. Two weeks ago, I leaned back on my bed to stretch and I must have stayed too long because for the first time I had back pain.

The lower part is swollen. It goes down with aspercreme and Ibuprofin, but if I do too much lifting, it sets it up again and I have to be careful.

I cleaned a little. I went over the holidays and enjoyed remembering Christmas with my children. I can still hear the giggles and see the sparkle in my grandchildren’s eyes as Christmas Day arrived.

I smile as I remember and I keep these memories close to my heart. I also, moved my painting supplies and easel to another room where the light is much better. I made a pot of home made potato soup tonight. I added my rivals and pieces of ham to it.

I have decided to step out and posting my paintings for sale. I am not a professional, so they are very reasonable. If none sell, then I know I am not to be selling them, as I am not that good. So, time shall tell. I will continue to paint, because number one, I enjoy it, it takes my mind off my issues, and I need to keep learning new techniques.

It is pretty chilly here tonight. I am surprised that it is pouring cats and dogs outside. I figured it would be snow. I am not complaining, I never was a snow person.

Here is a photo I took of my soup and a painting I am selling.



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