8 thoughts on “Next Question

  1. I was going to see my sister and her husband in GA, mid September. That is put off for this coming September, we hope.

    In the meantime, I’ve used the money I was going to use for the trip on getting some storage in my home so that it is more neatly organized and a happier place to spend all day in.

    I also bought all of my blood sisters flowers for their birthdays, and my brother got a cookie delivery. My son is getting an exploding cake today for his birthday (tomorrow).

    Finally, I bought an account with Zoom so we can video talk once a month with no time limit.

    So, I’m just guessing God knew best, and hoping for better this September.

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  2. It seems much of life is on hold right now for many people. We can’t even go to church now. But thankfully God is not on hold. He is just as available as ever, and we can call on Him at any time without being put “on hold”. Here in Ontario we can’t even go tobogganing in this lock-down. It also seems that reason has been delayed because of this situation. I just watched a video of a senior couple in Manitoba who were in a store to pick up a prescription for the wife that she needs for the condition that is the reason she cannot wear a mask. Five police officers ended up handcuffing and arresting them.

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    • This virus sure has changed our lives and I think forever in some ways. I have seen people caring more about each other and I have seen terrible things, just like the arrested couple. I can’t believe what has happened in our world in 2020 and thus far, 2021 hasn’t been good here in the U.S. either. Hugs


      • That’s for sure. I believe they will try to keep people wearing masks to take away our identity as individuals and keep us social distancing to isolate us from real communication with others. They have found a way to control a whole population except that a lot of people have awakened to the fact and are now rebelling. I’m not sure that it’s not too little too late, but I pray that I am wrong.

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  3. Nothing everydays the same for us we go no where except to go to drs, hospitals, grocry shop we are in our house 24/7 majority of the time anyway so guess we have neen selve quarentined for many many yrs

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