My Country

There once was an old house on a rugged street. She was different than others. She dressed in comfort instead of style. She didn’t attend church and instead read her Bible each morning and night. She talked to God like he was her best friend.
People talked about her a lot. They never said things that she would like to hear but she ignored them and went about her day. She noticed the things going on around her though. She would sit in her old, rickety rocker and discuss the problems with God. She prayed for everyone, including those that ridiculed her.
Instead of getting caught up in the fires of the world, she prayed. Even when she knew people were acting crazy, she stayed away from it. She never halted from her stand when she knew she was following the good book’s rules.

People today are quick to judge, to react and to go against what is right. There is great turmoil in our world. We sometimes can not keep up with life because it changes too much too fast.
We live under one nation, one God with liberty and justice for all. We are not to be divided. We are not allowed to hurt others because they differ in their opinions from us. We are to be loving our neighbor as we love ourselves. We are to treat others as we wish to be treated.
I never thought in my life time I would see such chaos and hurtful actions as I did last night. The fact that whether I am republican or democrat isn’t really the problem. It is how people are reacting over someone’s opinion and people not wanting to accept that we won’t always get our way.
I hope that for me, I never see my family or friends act other than the great American they are and that we each continue to remember and thank God for each and ever gift we are given daily. I ask God to please continue to help me behave the way that he wants me to and to remain faithful in his word.Thank-you.