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Tell me what you think about some of the DR. Seuss books being taken off the shelves. The books that I learned to read from in elementary school called, Dick and Jane are also being taken off the shelves. I don’t know if all or part.

It seems to me that sooner or later, everything will be taken off the shelves because it may offend someone.

We are all equal, the Bible tells us so. Why does this have to keep going on and on?

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  1. If we only read the headlines, or people commenting on them, we don’t see the full truth at all. I had to learn that the hard way.

    First, it’s not some random book club or group that are pulling the books, it’s Dr. Suess’ own estate that is no longer going to allow them to be printed. They don’t want him to be remembered for the way he very clearly represented some of his illustrations with bad stereotypical slants.

    On purpose, these images are not being shown in the news releases, but the books can still be found in libraries. Check all six of them and you’ll see that they are very easily seen as offensive if you have a friend or a child who is from that group and sees it.

    So it’s not just some weird rant that is taking away beloved books. These six books are not huge favorites by young readers, and even older readers, so you can still enjoy the childhood favorites like Green Eggs and Ham, Cat in the Hat, One Fish, Two Fish…, and the ABC book.

    So it’s not an hysterical attempt at political correctness or even cancel culture at work. It’s were a beloved person followed social contempt a comfortable thing to imitate, yet it didn’t define his entire world view. So his family and others decided to rein in something that didn’t truly represent the man who wrote books and drew winsome characters. His later works showed he cared about civil rights and human discrimination. It’s these odd books from his younger years that seem to sabotage what his true intentions were. That’s why they are not being pulled, but only not going to be reprinted anymore.

    I thought it was a wise and kind way to go once I realized what was really going on. Here’s a truthful article :

    I applaud your motive to urge that we be sane and considered before reacting to things that offend us. I am urging the same. We can learn and grow together!

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    • I am sorry. I got my information straight from the local news channel in my area. I never know what is right anymore and I am sure that many feel this way. I do know that I am sick and tired of the racism. It’s everywhere how this person or that person is better/worse. We are all equal. There is no one better. The Aunt Jamima, and many other things forced to change a name, statues being taken out of history. It’s all overwhelming because we are and always have been equal. Why is anyone trying to say different. I just don’t get it. Even this article I posted. It already has different information from your area and mine. Do you understand why it is frustrating? We all know Dr. Seuss’s books. No one has ever questioned integrity until the topic went over the top. It is a shame, a darn shame, that we have to be careful what we say, what we do, because we just don’t know how our words will be taken by another. Big hugs dear friend. I wish life was more simple like when I grew up. God and family.

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