God Listens

I asked for prayers, now the very least I can do is let you all know Al and I our safe. Tornadoes and hail the size of tennis balls. Winds up to eighty miles  per hour. This was the scenerio all morning long.

I had been in one tornado in my life time. It was when I was ten years old. Although I am a senior citizen today I can remember that like it was yesterday. I was at church camp. We were all in the tabernacle. The thunderstorms were wicked. High winds, bright lightening.tornado24free-write-friday-writing-prompt bird in winter

When we were safe and were able to go outside we saw that the girl’s dormitory was gone. Vanished, the tornado had taken it with him. I guess a little of that fear and memory has been retained.

But for the most part I am sane and think clearly. The whole idea was for me to keep Al, who can’t walk, safe. Which I did very well, and I am proud I got him through it.

When life becomes disturbed and you have a small fear or maybe a big fear, and you think of what you want to save in your home, I wonder what you would think of.

This is what I took with me to our bathroom. My Nook, my camera, all power cords, my memory stick for the computer. Al and my medicines, my cigarettes, all my passwords to the computer web sites. I took Al’s portable coca cola radio, two flashlights, one big candle. My cell phone, two blankets, my purse, the shed and car keys. an extra brief for Al and my shoes, one broom,( don’t ask me why, I don’t know). I think that is what I took.

I made sure Al was fed and changed right before the storm time. I made sure I told my kids I loved them. I told some people my phone number on my FB. I had the house all cleaned, ( don’t know why on that either). If a tornado was going to take my home, I guess it would not care if it was clean or not.

Al cried and complained the entire time we were hiding in our bathroom. He wanted to take a nap and didn’t understand why I was holding him hostage in the tub with a blanket wrapped around him. I did good though. Although I wanted to yell at him for being childish, I knew that he really was a child mentally. All he knew was he wanted to go to sleep.

Afterwards I got him all bathed and comfortable, clean brief, clean sheets and when I put him to bed safe from harm, he went right to sleep. I went out to the couch and let my anxiety and fear drain from my body. I smiled and thanked God and all of you who had prayed.

With the news saying it was going to be the worst storm ever, I was prepared and so was God. He took care of us as long as I was doing what I needed to be doing in caring for Al.

Here are a few photos of any damages that I saw from my own porch. I haven’t heard yet about other people. I hope all are safe. This was a wicked storm, but Al and I were kept safe from harm’s way.

DSC00076DSC00077 DSC00078 DSC00079


24 thoughts on “God Listens

  1. Great job keeping your head and excellent writing, especially writing about the experience on the same day! I think I would have taken pretty much the same things to the bathroom. Maybe add bottled water and a good book just in case the power went out and my Nook died. Maybe a mop instead of a broom! I’m so glad you are safe and I pray for others in the storm’s path.


    • I don’t know why I grabbed that broom, lol, maybe because it was closest? But I never used it which is fine. If there is a next time, I will remember the bottled water! Thanks Women!!! Loved your comment!


      • Your welcome. Loved your story. When I lived in Oklahoma, land of tornadoes, I said my storm preps were Yankee style. Cigarettes and bottled water into the storm cellar. Poof. I was ready. I grew up near Boston, so OK was quite an experience. The first year, every time it stormed, I woke up the kids and made them help me drag all their mattresses into the bathroom. By the 20th year I didn’t even notice the storms anymore.


  2. Glad to see the worse is over & that you & your fam are safe. Scary about the tornado you saw back when you were 10. I’m sure something like that is never forgotten.


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