Dance With Molly

Have I gotten so old I am out of sync with the younger generation? Or have I gotten old enough to realize a few dangers in this world?

I was watching the news tonight and I actually sat and listened to a special segment about a  new drug. A drug called molly.molly

This is what Molly looks like and this is what Fox news had to say about it.

Has anyone seen “Molly”?

If you’ve heard that line before, chances are someone was offering you a street drug.

The name may sound benign, but “Molly” is a powdered form of MDMA, the molecular compound found in Ecstasy, and it’s often laced with other highly addicted drugs.

Although “Molly” is marketed as a “pure” form of Ecstasy, Dr. Ken Bachrach, the clinical director of Tarzana Treatment Centers, said users have no idea what they’re actually taking.

“It can be cut with everything from talcum powder, heroin, it could be cut with anything.” says Bachrach.

Bachrach says an increase of MDMA-related emergency room visits should be a concern to parents, because the drug is easily accessible in schools and at concert venues.

“‘Molly’ is marketed to our young people in the club scene as a kinder, safer way to get high,” says Sarah Pullen, a special agent with DEA. “But it’s anything but safe. There haven’t been any long-term studies, and it’s just as deadly as any other drug.”

It really disturbed me that the news pointed out that some new songs including famous singers are taking part in this song. Advertising that the way to have fun is to dance with Molly.

The truth as told by Fox is that Molly is guaranteed to make you dance all right. In fact, if you are unlucky enough it can raise your body temperature way too high, speed you heart up so much that you will dance yourself right into the grave.

As soon as this segment was over I stopped only for a moment and thought of all the youth that are lost and searching to find themselves. Most youth want to be loved, accepted and fit in.

I remember those days myself, but there was one difference between me and some of the youth today. I may have wanted to fit in but I also knew my parents would strap me to the house for life if I tried anything that would cause me harm or worse. The punishment was too large and risky for me to chance my life.

Today, freedom is bought at a much higher price. I know there are drugs out there. I am not that old. LSD was the roaring rage when I was a teen. What irks me so bad is the hype is placed in an area that is so well-known by our youth that the fun of it is what they hear, never the dangers.

I placed it on my FB, a warning to not believe what you hear. I pinpointed it towards the teens that read my pages. A comment was made and although I understood completely what the person was saying, I can never stop trying to save the soul of another life.

It isn’t my job or duty, it is my heart speaking. I want each life to get to experience love, marriage, family, and all that goes with growing up and living a good life. I don’t want anyone’s life snuffed out early. I will always place the call. It is up to you whether you tune in and listen or not.

Life is tough, life is not always fair, but life can be good if we choose the chosen paths. God help our youth, teens, and younger generation. For aside from caring and loving parents, and family, good friendships, there is no better friend in a time of crisis than God.



Here is the song Miley Cyrus sings promoting the drug called Molly

16 thoughts on “Dance With Molly

  1. I know there’s been a problem with a drug that started in Russia that’s been promoted as a safer way to get high, instead of smoking weed. It was an article on about it and how it’s been spotted in some big cities and one family had their kid die from it. Thankfully I was never interested in the club scene, so I didn’t do drugs. It is scary to think it’s on the streets and being promoted as a “safe” alternative which can have deadlier consequences than the original drug.


  2. I have not heard of it, and urge all youngsters to stay away from any drugs. Be happy you are young and healthy, be grateful, do not ruin your body with drugs. There is no such thing as a safe drug……. thank you for posting this Terry!


  3. Wow! This is new to me, too. What a shame that kids are the scapegoats for those who only see dollar signs for selling this stuff. I wrote a short story a while back about a cat named Molly and called it “Molly is a Friend of Mine”. I think I had better change the name so it doesn’t get taken the wrong way. 😦


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