Thanksgiving and Some Time Getting Out

Thanksgiving was nice. Although I missed my daughter and her family and of course Al, all in all it was a good day. Here are a few photos I took. Some are here at home and the others are when I went out Saturday.


HannaDSC00140 (1)DSC00138DSC00137DSC00136christmas tree

10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and Some Time Getting Out

      • Oh I got it!!! I was laughing while typing. Hey I just want you to know that I am having great problems being able to post comments today on your blog. It has been happening more and more this week. I hope what ever it is gets fixed, but know I will keep trying and I do read every post


  1. Pretty Christmas tree nd looks like it was a good day to have a camera and make some memories. I like the saying, “photos are memories captured forever.”
    Have a good week coming up way to quick.


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