Gloom Inside And Out

Al is home today. I wanted to take a new photo of him but I couldn’t do it. His face is nothing but a red rash from all of these medications he is taking. He came home in tears. He is not himself. I would say he is moving in extra slow motion due to medications.

He keeps telling me he is getting weaker. I think it is the medications doing it. I asked him if he had any pizza while he was gone and he said no. I asked him if he would like some for supper and he said yes.

It didn’t take long for me to feel a little down from seeing someone else  in that body than my brother, so I left. I went outside in the gloom and took some photos. Winter is showing its lack of color. I did find some green grass in places.

The sun is trying so hard to peek out but it is struggling. Although death and our mom is the topic inside, and outside looks lifeless, I know that soon, things will change and life will burst forth once again.

Here are the photos I took and of course Rhino wanted in the fun too.DSC00159


30 thoughts on “Gloom Inside And Out

  1. I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself as I am nursing an absessed tooth but reading your entry brings home what is truly important. Having the ability to feel love and care enough to share it with others. Sometimes in the darkest days its the little things like pizza that make a difference. It may seem like a simple thing but having someone there to care enough to provide those small comforts is a blessing that words can not always define. To me it is selfless love in action and although it might seem gloomy in your house I am sure you are Al’s one bright spot.


  2. Good that Al is back 🙂 Hope he has a good night’s sleep – you too.
    And – hope he wakes up feeling more himself.
    For being gloomy out – you got some nice shots there.
    {hugs} to you both!


  3. Yes it is hard to see your brother in this condition and not even resembling the person you have known and loved all of your life.
    It hurts and the stark, grayness, colorlessness of winter is so depressing and it doesn”t help.
    We have the same weather here and right now every thing is so colorless.
    I put a bird feeder outside of my kitchen window and I have been watching starlings come and feed and they make me smile, and bring some color to my day.
    Am sending prayers for you and Al and for God to intervene and show His path for you.


    • I have always fed the birds and the squirrels through winters. They are one joy I always look forward to. So far this winter I have not been able to do it, but I watch them through my kitchen window. I am glad you find that joy also. Thanks for the compliment about Rhino. He is a spoiled cat but is Al’s best guardian


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