Pictures of Al and Me

Every time I have moved, I once again go through the clutter. This time I got serious. If I hadn’t seen or used it since I have been here, it is gone. It actually makes me feel like I am doing that deep cleaning thing.

Going through papers I found some photos of Al and I. Some are of him and me when we were young. One I remember me as a teen. Here they are.

Top Left, Al and me, Top Right, me, Next left, him and me, next right, him,

Next left, him, me, and sister, next right, me in little green dress, Al in red striped shirt,

Next left, Al and his birthday cake, next right, him and me, next left, me and my granddad, next right, Al and little sister, next left, Al and his fish, next right, him and me at Deer Forest.

Hope you enjoy going back in time with Al and me, since you have followed my blog for so long.

Alvin, littleAl little 2

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