Be Thankful for Today

Even the dog doesn’t want to go out to do his business. Instead he prances at the door and then runs the other way when I turn the door handle.

Yes, this is that sort of day. I’m not going out. It is too darn cold.


See? I told you it was cold today! Yesterday, I decided to go outside and start my old clunker before this cold set in today. I did get it started. It was a slow start, but turned over. The snow was completely frozen. It was so bitter cold, that I only managed to scrape the windows and one side door. I just couldn’t take standing out in the wind.

Last night, my ear started hurting and today, I am doctoring it myself. I get earaches easily and thought I had my ears covered well, but maybe not. If it doesn’t get better by Friday, I will seek medical help.

I wouldn’t be able to get to the doctor today anyways. I am not chancing getting out. These are the days that it seems babies are born and unusual injuries happen.  I remember the Blizzard of 77 here in my town. A snowmobile had to bring me diapers for my son. I had run  out, so yes, today I am staying in.

I have been inside for this entire week for the most part. It is a time we can let ourselves become droopy if we let feelings get out of control. I can remember when school was dismissed at times when it was not scheduled. I was thrilled. I loved having my kids home. We just went with the flow kind of day. Today, it is just me. I tend to sleep more and remain in my P.J.’s more.

I used to feel bad about not jumping out of bed and guilty if I didn’t get dressed right away, but who really cares, but us, what we do inside our home on a frigid day. I can say that although m living area is not the ideal living situation for Senior Citizens; I am very thankful for the roof over my head today.

Cities surrounding me and my own town  have set-up facilities for the homeless because of the cold. It is so  hard for me to say or type the word homeless. We shouldn’t have this in our town. Warsaw is supposed to be the biggest Orthopedic Capital of the world, but as you can understand from my post, not everyone works at these companies.

The temperatures will be very close tomorrow as they are today. Friday we are supposed to rise to fifteen degrees. Hey! It’s above freezing! Monday we are supposed to climb to the upper forties.

I will finally be able to go back to my volunteer job plus I have an appointment with a medical place to get special shoes made for my feet. Hopefully this will help me.

So where ever you live, what ever the temperatures, no matter how long you have been trapped inside, remember, it could be worse. Be thankful for today. Tomorrow is not promised.

10 thoughts on “Be Thankful for Today

  1. The weather is about the same here. And it is predicted to continue for a while. Not too long, I hope. I do have to go out tonight, but I get picked up, so don’t have to drive. I love to hibernate in this kind of weather. Actually I would love to be able to hibernate for the whole winter, but I guess I would get rather hungry before the end. 🙂 We had quite the snowstorm overnight Monday, but today, as cold and windy as it has been, was mostly sunny.

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      • Crazy, isn’t it? It’s bitter tonight. I went to prayer meeting and I always go back to the outer room in the nursery to pray because I can’t think when the music is so loud in the sanctuary. But the problem is that there is no heat on in that room during the week, so I leave my coat on. Tonight I went prepared with a light blanket and the pastor’s wife came back with the pastor’s parka and put it over my lap and legs. It really helped and it was mostly my hands that eventually got cold. Fortunately I don’t have to go out for the next three days, so I can stay cozy.

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      • They sound like very nice people. It was still bitter cold today. Tomorrow is a two hour delay for school but on the rise in temps. 3-4 inches of snow expected tonight

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  2. Was -21°F this morning, but it got up to -13°F this afternoon. Now it’s falling again and is at -19°F right now. All the schools and most businesses are closed, including an outdoor ice castle exhibit in my town! We’re looking at a jump to 45 °F on Sunday, but tomorrow will still be bitterly cold. Friday will be more of a normal winter temp. So surprised it’s not going to be single digits or in the teens for a week or more as usually happens after these kinds of dips. I’m not complaining, since February can have some brutal coldness as much as January can. We’ve all found out where the weaknesses are now, though. I’m thankful my car started every day this winter!

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    • What area do you reside in? It sounds like my temps. Today was still bitter. Tomorrow is a two hour delay for school. Tonight snow is expected 3-6 inches, but we are on the rise. Temps by Sunday and Monday in the forties


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