We Have Snow Today

snow 2snow 3It is about thirty degrees here in Russellville, Kentucky. I looked outside a few minutes ago and it is snowing. Wow, it is sticking to the ground too. Look at this will you? It gets cold down here, but not too much snow, so I had to show this white stuff off!

10 thoughts on “We Have Snow Today

    • And you are not that far from me. It has been chilly here, one week we were so cold it got down to 3, thankfully I don’t see that now and that snow I showed here? It is gone. We are warming into the high fifties this week, so I bet you are going to warm up also. This cold snap went all over the US, didn’t it


      • Oh the humidity down here is awful, at least now we can dress up or layer, when it gets too hot, what are we to do? Every time I see your name I wonder if you are related to my extended family. There are people with your last name living around Indy

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