Multiple System Atrophy, The Hell Disease

March is Multiple System Atrophy Awareness month. Many of you already know my brother, Al, struggled on a daily basis with M.S.A. for seven long years. It was the most wicked and horrible disease I had ever seen in my 25 years of working in nursing.

I wanted to post this to remind each of you to appreciate those in your life. You just never know when something dramatic like a terminal illness will come knocking at your or their door.

If you have been thinking about making an important donation to a group, please consider M.S.A. Do it in the name of my brother, Al. He will be gone 2 years the 24th of this month. I will even provide you the link. If you choose to do this, I will be thanking you forever. Let me know, so I can give you a big hug.

Why Donate



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