The lonely look at the pills

The unloved child takes the noose

The battered wife picks up the bottle

There is no making truce.


The raped lose all esteem

Unemployed take out their gun

A caught cheater begs for mercy

They decided it wasn’t fun.


A bully has no confidence

A thief tries to feed the family

Where’s the help for everyone

With the price of therapy?


Our world could be a better place

If we all join hands in peace

We were put here for a special purpose

Pain and sorrow would surely flee.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd





A Good Crop

Things seem to keep changing in my life. I ask and wonder what God has in store for me. He has opened some doors in my life that I thought would stay shut forever. Things that I have not asked for have happened. Other things I hoped for did nothing.

It is Tuesday, and a gloomy one at that. The sun is hiding. The skies are full of gray. A slight chill is in the air and I  heard the weatherman state we may have a snow/rain mix one day this weekend, but it will be short-lived.

We have to be prepared don’t we? We can’t get too cozy in thinking our days ahead are smooth sailing. Flexible and faith is what seems to be able to carry us through. As I listen to the sound of a far-a-way train, and traffic going to and fro, it is quiet inside where I live.

It gives me time to think about where I am at in life. Next month I will approach my 62nd birthday. It makes me swallow hard when I see that number staring back at me. My body does feel the age. My mind refuses to accept it.

Right outside my bedroom window stands a strong and sturdy trunk. It is holding many branches that are naked from any color. This tree is me, waiting for new birth, new opportunities to be of service to others and God.

With Spring comes hope, and I will continue to carry mine until my last breath. I will stand with you my tree. We will patiently await new buds, taking in all we can handle, and hoping for a good crop.

animal 2Photo taken by Terry Shepherd