10 thoughts on “Question 2

  1. I tend to focus on what is peaceful and brings me peace. Looking at what creative people do is good for inspiration. Visually, photo opportunities, writing, listening to music. Prayer is very much a focal point. I like looking at recipes. Are you familiar with MaryJanes Farm magazine? It’s very nice..


  2. If I have no plans to be anywhere else, then I will dress comfortably, and see if there is a movie I want to watch. Perhaps a book I have been waiting to read. I might listen to music and paint a bit – depending on if I had a project in mind. Today, I got a haircut, and read a book so far. I’m drinking vanilla chai tea (with half and half and sweetener), and I’m thinking of seeing some Christmas movies before dinner.

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  3. It’s not that I enjoy anything much anymore just stay inside do my thing on Facebook and drive people nuts till they disassociated with me unless I go to there of and comment on their posts otherwise I tag people not many answer I’m beginning to truely not care you know it happens alot when I’m panicky and bored.How do I set my page up like yours and everyone else so nobody sees my posts but me I’m pretty good about talking to myself that way I won’t bother anyone I guess if I go to settings on my profile I could find it.hard trying to cope but ill manage just fine . Ive been lonely all my life so i should be use to it you would thing Rember Silence is golden

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    • I do understand. I always loved antiques and used to have my own shop. I now have no space, nor the funds but the desire is always there. Since I have this illness, life sure has changed. I stay at home a lot and of course Covid doesn’t help. I have a car that is too small for me to get in. It messes up my knees trying to bend them far enough to climb in so I get rides or stay home. I find myself lately questioning on why I am still here on earth. I always thought my purpose was in taking care of others when sickenss was there, but now I can’t do that and I sit here in my home, wondering, what’s next………


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