I am ready for you!

I founded this blog when my brother was very ill. I had so many emotions bottled up inside, it was making me a wreck. I prayed often for God to help me through this trial of times and he led me to Blog world. I had never heard of a blog, but since he led me to it, I would learn it.

It was a wonderful place to sit and write my feelings. I could post exactly how I was feeling, knowing I was healing as my brother was suffering, does that make sense? Or maybe I was preparing myself for the dreaded end.

I wrote often, and eventually wrote two books. One was published right after my brother’s death. It is called Dahlia. Today, I don’t understand how I wrote the book, considering I watched helplessly while my brother got more ill.

I later wrote and published one more book. I have another book started. I think there are twenty-two chapters to it, but I have not had the urge to continue. Hopefully, I will begin writing towards the end of it sooner than later.

I primarily write on my blog now for more intertwining with blogging friends and Facebook friends. I started a new idea on here by asking one new question about you. Nothing personal or embarrassing, just fun. I also have another page here at WordPress, for my recipes I find that I think you may like.

The year of 2020 began to get difficult to remain motivated. The Covid, and my pain helps to slow my life down. Stumbling and staggering isn’t any fun neither and so life has just changed for me.

I just don’t have the umpp to get going. I actually get mad at myself for not filling up a day with activities and yet I do nothing to change the situation. I sweep and rearrange smaller things, I bake goodies, so I do do things but I don’t fill up days. I am hoping Spring will make a difference and I can use my walker and take a walk around here. I want to sit on my porch again too.

Life isn’t grand like some people say it is. I hurt daily and it’s winter, so look out Spring, I am ready for you!

What are things you love about Spring?

4 thoughts on “I am ready for you!

  1. I started blogging just after my mother died. I have blogged and stopped blogging more than once. I seem to have stopped again with no motivation to pick it up again.

    What do I like about spring? Well, first of all the thought that we will see the end of snow. Although this winter we haven’t had a lot of that outside of a couple of large snowfalls. It comes and goes when we get rain. I also love to see the various shades of green coming on the trees as they come to life again. And the spring flowers and warmer temperatures.

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    • I love the same thing about Spring too. I think all of us who blog, begin from a moment of the need to get feelings out and not be condemned for what comes out of our minds. I also got to meet wonderful people, such as yourself. I began blogging in 2012, I believe. I have blogged on and off since my brother’s death. I can remember when my brother was ill, the last thing I did before going to bed, was blog. Perhaps it was a way to prepare my brain for rest. Hugs my friend


  2. I love to see the tree blossoms when they appear. I like spring for the flowers and green returning to the world, but it always begins with the snowmelt that reveals trashy stuff beneath. I like the warm temps that allow me to wear a light jacket or sweater, too.

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