That’s What Friends Are For

“I don’t want to play with you. Go away and leave me alone. My mommy said I shouldn’t play with kids like you who live across the tracks.”

“Well, my mom says that your mom ain’t nothing but a high-class bitch.”

“Mommy, that boy called you a bad name.” Patty ran into her mother’s arms sobbing. Kelly, her mom stomped out her cigarette with her high heel and pushed Patty aside and marched her tight jean rear end over to where the boy stood his ground.

“Hey kid, what’s your name? Where’s your mom at? Is she here or is she sitting home in front of her TV eating donuts?”

“My mom says people who dress like you think you know it all. She said for me to stand my ground and not back a way from snobs with big mouths.”

Kelly reached out to smack this kid across the face, but when she almost reached skin she missed her balance and fell to the ground.

All the little kids who had been hiding behind the park play ground, crept closer so they could get a better picture of this woman on the ground. There was chuckling and some pointing fingers. Whispers went between the kids.

Kellie stood up and brushed herself off. She reached out and pulled the rotten kid by the arm and demanded, “take me to your mom.”

All the kids became quiet, standing like frozen popsicles. “Come here Patty. We are going to go have a talk with this stupid kid’s mom. I will show you how it is done. You will see honey. Mommy never lets anyone get a way with disrespecting me.”

Reaching out to take her daughter’s hand, the three marched in the direction of the little boy’s home.walking lady

What do you think of this scene I played out for you? How do you feel about this? Have you ever witnessed this kind of behavior? Do you believe children should be taught that there are good and bad people according to where they live or how they dress?

For me, I am thankful that I have been taught better. I have opened my heart and soul to many types of people out here in WordPress land. I chat by phone and emails to so many around the world.

I have gained some close friendships who I rarely go a day without a personal chat. I have learned that there are many caring individuals living among me. I don’t ask questions. I don’t have to know what color of skin you have. I don’t need to know your finances.

All I need to know is that you have heart and soul, just like me. If we connect through our words, than what could be better. If I talk you not only listen, you communicate back. Friendships are all about communicating.

I shed some tears today. Why? Because I have friends who live in other areas of the world. Friends who don’t know me from Adam. I have trust among us. I have seen this today and for the past few days.

Al received some more cards today. I would like to thank each of you for the smile you have placed. Al has enjoyed the pictures and photos of pets. He asked me, “do they know I am sick?”

“Yes, they do.”

“And they still want to be friends with me?”

“Of course they do. It is people who ask about you every day. These people are our friends and they pray for you.”

He smiled and then wanted to lay down.

I would like to take a moment and thank the card senders for today.


Ms. Joy J from Georgia

Mimi from Virginia

Becky B. from Missouri

Patty B. from Pennsylvania

Thank-you my friends for not being like the children and mom in the scene above. Thank-you for reaching out to a stranger and yet being a friend of mine.

If anyone wants to send Al a card now while he is ill please feel free to contact me at

I will be happy to send you Al’s address.

My friend was right. Why wait until the end is here. Let him enjoy now, it has been a blessing to see his smiles.