#FWF Free Write Friday; Word Bank


Your FWF prompt this week is a word bank…

sweet – lavender – flute – heir – willow – bask

“Mama. Mama. Daddy.”

Crying she walked through the house; inspecting each room. Only to find silence attacking her. She sat down and cried into her hands. This sweet little girl was lost and she felt all alone.

She sat there for what seemed an eternity basking in her tears. A cat tiptoed gently and sitting very near to her, nudged his head against the tiny shoulder.

” Mama, Daddy.” The cat just burrowed his head into her arms wanting to be petted. Willow, the little girl petted Tom, the cat. Purring seemed to have a sense of calming for the little one as her tears stopped temporarily.

Willow sucked her thumb with one hand and fell asleep with her hand over the soft, furry animal.

Meantime on the outside of this house chaos was amuck. People had gathered and were going from house to house searching. Kids walking up and down the streets playing their flutes; hoping the young child would hear and come out from her hiding.

It was a Spring Day. The skies were blue with enormous cumulus clouds, but no one noticed.. The smell of lavender should have been drifting through nostrils as rains had just showered upon the land. Any other day would have brought neighbors talking over fences, coffee being sipped on porches, but not today.

For today there was a man hunt. The only living heir was missing. People whispered in groups.” I hope she has not been kidnapped. I hope she is not hurt. She is the sweetest little girl I have ever met.”

The mother of Willow had been outside with her little girl earlier that day. The two of them were picking flowers that were so heavy on the vine. She wanted a nice bouquet to take inside before the rains washed them to the ground.

She needed to get a bigger basket. She told Willow,”please stay right here sweety. Don’t move. Mommy is going to go inside and get a bigger basket to hold all of our beautiful flowers.”

Willow looked at her but when Mommy went indoors, the phone had rung also. She didn’t realize that she had been on there longer than she planned. When she went back out with her basket, Willow was gone.

Frantic, she called the police. She spoke to neighbors, and everyone formed a search party. They walked blocks it seemed but didn’t find little Willow.

Flooded with guilt, Mommy gave into sobbing. She kept thinking over and over, I should have taken her with me when I went inside. I should have never left her alone. I should have ignored that phone call. Oh my little girl, where is she? What has happened to her. Oh dear God, please let her be safe.”

A couple of hours passed and the clouds were letting them know the rain was not over with. They were going to let the police continue to search and the neighbors decided to take a small break until the rains stopped.

As Mother was walking up her own sidewalk, she noticed her neighbor pulling in next door. She walked over to her and explained what was happening. The neighbor said, “Wait a moment. Let me go in and change my clothes and put these cold foods in the refrigerator. I will be right over. I will help you and together we will find her. Don’t worry, we won’t stop until she is safe back in your arms again.”

Mother smiled at her and walked up to her own porch. She sat on the swing and looked out over the neighborhood. Please Lord, keep her safe until we find her.

About fifteen minutes passed by and then she saw her neighbor walking towards her. She was holding a child in her arms. When the neighbor was standing near, she  placed the little girl Willow in Mommy’s arms.

“She must have come in through my back door. I have a bad habit of never locking it. She is fine. Tom was keeping her company. The two of them were napping together. Her little hand was resting on his fur and Tom had his paw stretched out over her arm.”

Mommy gave Willow a big hug. She wanted to scream out loud how happy she was; but she didn’t want to wake her little girl up. She thanked her neighbor by inviting her over for dinner the following night. The search was called off and the streets became sunny again with big cumulus clouds passing over  head. The smell of lavender was once again appreciated.

Mommy looked up towards the heavens and whispered,” Thank-you Lord, thank-you. I have learned a valuable lesson from you. Thank-you Lord for letting the neighbor forget to lock her back door. I have learned that nothing is more important than the life of a little child.”