Multiple System Atrophy, Leukemia and Parkinson’s Disease

Ever since I received my diagnosis of Familial Tremors, I have thought back to my father, brother, uncle, my father’s mother and her sister. There has to be some connection right?

Books used to say Parkinson’s wasn’t hereditary; but I beg to differ. My parents brother, me  and uncle all lived on the same property. They eventually built a new house down the road with the same environment. We all lived surrounded by trees, cornfields, and electrical towers.

Don’t you find it mighty strange that a disease like Leukemia would hit 2 people within a year of each other? Doesn’t it seem very likely that since my dad, his mother, her sister, Al and myself all have Parkinson’s Disease? Even stranger is my father had Parkinson’s and Multiple Myaloma and Leukemia; all at the same time.

I did some research this evening. I found some things but not much. I would very much like your thoughts or input on this topic.

What I found online is; and if you are interested; please take the time to click on the links and read.







Maybe, Just Maybe M.S.A.

Ever since Al passed away, I have had a deep desire to reach out to others and help them. MSA, multiple system atrophy is just not any regular illness. It is rare, and it is a completely bumpy roller-coaster ride from beginning to end.

I have taught a Hospice group and I have helped several people on Facebook that have had questions. It seems the biggest question I am asked is what stage is my loved one in?

I finally decided that my desire was so strong that maybe, just maybe God was using Al’s illness for me to go further in my life. Does that make any sense? It does to me. Every thing I did, all that I saw, every fear I experienced, every question I googled and learned, I want to help others not to have to go through what caregivers live through.

I decided to test the waters, step out in faith and build me a page on Facebook. I opened it two days ago and each day I have added things to it, such as photos and videos.

It is called;

MSA Help or Just Need to Talk, Multiple System Atrophy

You can find it at the link below;

It is a site where friends, family, and caregivers can come and just talk, have a good listener, vent or cry. I added to it today that I will come to you and speak to your community, nursing home or where ever I may be needed.

I have never done this before, but I feel led to do it. I have tried putting in so many resumes since I moved here to Kentucky. I never get anywhere. Maybe, just maybe this is the route I am supposed to walk. I ask God to help me by opening the door, if he wants me to walk through it.

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