Am I On Candid Camera?

Nursing Home staff

Nursing Home staff

Is this a test?


Testing, testing, 1-2-3


Oh this is not a test?


This is real life?


You mean professionals


Really can be rude and obnoxious?


I didn’t know that…….


I thought in the Medical Field


People took an oath to treat


Others as they would


Like to be treated


To give the utmost respect


To have a compassionate heart


You mean this doesn’t happen everywhere?


I wonder how many others


Didn’t know as I did not


This is really a joke right?


Am I on Candid Camera?


Where is the hidden camera?


Did I pass? Can I be on the show?


Tears are falling from my eyes


Can you see them Administrator?


You have hurt my feelings


You have treated my blood brother


As though he were nothing special


Don’t you see how badly this hurts?


Can you not see my heart bleeding?


Spilling red onto your whitey-white shoes


Please understand one simple thing


I have been with him for 56 years


You have been with him 4 months


I know him better


I know what hurts him


What causes him pain


Please do me and yourself a favor


Go back to the school you came from


Go back to where it teaches


Etiquette and patient care


Take a second look at him


He is my brother, I am his sister……….


Terry Shepherd