Am I On Candid Camera?

Nursing Home staff

Nursing Home staff

Is this a test?


Testing, testing, 1-2-3


Oh this is not a test?


This is real life?


You mean professionals


Really can be rude and obnoxious?


I didn’t know that…….


I thought in the Medical Field


People took an oath to treat


Others as they would


Like to be treated


To give the utmost respect


To have a compassionate heart


You mean this doesn’t happen everywhere?


I wonder how many others


Didn’t know as I did not


This is really a joke right?


Am I on Candid Camera?


Where is the hidden camera?


Did I pass? Can I be on the show?


Tears are falling from my eyes


Can you see them Administrator?


You have hurt my feelings


You have treated my blood brother


As though he were nothing special


Don’t you see how badly this hurts?


Can you not see my heart bleeding?


Spilling red onto your whitey-white shoes


Please understand one simple thing


I have been with him for 56 years


You have been with him 4 months


I know him better


I know what hurts him


What causes him pain


Please do me and yourself a favor


Go back to the school you came from


Go back to where it teaches


Etiquette and patient care


Take a second look at him


He is my brother, I am his sister……….


Terry Shepherd




46 thoughts on “Am I On Candid Camera?

  1. Well put. There are some in the medical field, with great bedside manners. There are those who are there for a paycheck. My dear mother -in-law had a fall. From the hospital, she was tranferred to a nursing home. She was alert, and very lucid. Five days later, she was gone. The medical staff at that hellish place did not care one bit about her. Needles to say, I lost all trust with respect to so call medical care. Be proactive regarding Al’s care. As you put it, you know him better than anyone at that place. My advice, read between the lines, and by that I mean, the lines you are fed by the staff. Blessings.


    • Thank you Dr. Johnny. I am so sorry about your mother in law. That is terrible, just plain awful. I try very hard to keep on top of things at this place. I think it maybe would be different if Al wasn’t mentally challenged, but then again maybe not……………………I believe that not every place is like this, but many are. God bless you my friend for a wonderful comment


  2. I felt this post, Terry. I hope you can make all where you and your precious brother can have peace. Shame on them for not working with you… that’s what they are supposed to do. Love, Gloria


  3. It is so hard to have strangers care for our loved ones. Just monitor the best you can. I’ve seen care providers that are wonderful and I’ve seen some that need to be fired. One thing is for sure, the pay for these workers is not what it should be so you get the bottom of the barrel so to speak in many cases. Hugs to you Terry 🙂


    • you are right. there is a huge turn over in this field. they work hard most of the time and get paid little. my eyes are always on Al and staff at all times. Thanks Sherry for letting me know your thoughts. I appreciate it so much


  4. This is powerful and … straight honest. You should speak to them like you have spoken to us here …
    I don’t know if copy of a poem will do the job or if it will be taken in right way – so you should talk them … with the same words you have written here.
    You have the strength to do. You’re so right in every word you have written, the care is terrible and it’s like lottery when it’s about care homes …. I must admit it’s a bit like that over here too. Have heard some horror stories about how elderly and sick has been treated. Horrendous.
    I’m thinking on you both.


  5. Terry, I am so sorry about the way you see your brother being treated. It should not be that way. I do not condone it. It 35 years as a health care professional I never treated a family member or a pt with disrespect. But that is just me. I will tell you that most people do not see the abuse that health care professionals are shown by some. I have been screamed at, sworn at, kicked out, physically, verbally, emotionally and sexually assaulted by patients, family members, doctors and upper administration (my bosses). Some health professionals get to the point that they can’t take it anymore and start retailiating and treating others with the same abuse they were given. Sounds like you are dealing with these kind of people. Stand your ground, demand the best for your brother, but remember to do it kindly and respectfully. Don’t stoop to the level of the people you are dealing with, They will completely burn out one day and be gone! And keep your eyes open to the abuse health care professionals deal with on a daily basis. As I said…It is not noticed by many but it goes on right in front of your faces.
    Prayers for you and Al!


    • The reason that I get my frustrations out on here is support and advice. I try to keep in mind everything that happens in nursing homes. But,,,,,,,,,when you have someone in there that can not speak for themselves it changes. you see I know what goes on in there and this is why I have eagle eyes…….because I have worked in the medical field doing the same thing for over 23 years. There is being short staffed and then there is neglect. I have had happen to me what you say has happened to you. I know it and I get it, but I never mistreated anyone. If we get burnt out, then get out of the job, find another area of medical field to go to. The residents, patients, clients whom ever they are don’t deserve to be on the short end of the stick.


  6. Dang, a couple of these ladies look like they should be residents of the facility instead of staff members. They came right on in to work after having their morning prune juice and vinegar. I guess that’s certainly not a Christian thing for me to say, and they probably can’t help being bitter and lonely after having their litter of puppies, but they are lashing out because they are on the defensive, and people only get that way when they know you’re on to them.


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