Beat It Buster!


My fangs are out

They are ready to bite

I won’t give up

Without a fight

I get so tired

Of you not caring at all

I hope for your sake

You never fall

Into the situation

I am in

Then you will

See the sin you’re in

My belief is when you

Care not at all

You too shall one

Day also fall

To your knees

Finding my face

Sending out apologies

To all you’ve erased.

Terry Shepherd


Daily Prompt; Second Time Around, DP, Daily Post, Daily Prompt

Tell us about a book you can read again and again without getting bored — what is it that speaks to you?

I don’t read books over and over. I used to collect DVD’s and then once I saw them, they sat on a shelf collecting dust. I will look for the author’s books if I enjoy a book.

I go through spurts. I will read for several days and then go for weeks without reading again. I spend most of my time googling information I want. I will google Parkinson’s and anything that I have a need to find. I always search information about medications that doctors want to put Al or me on.

I talk to people. A lot of the times people have better advice and answers than any book. I guess I am boring to some. My mind is filled with so much that rereading a book just isn’t on the list anymore.

Now I may have to google cheap or free help for legal advice. It is always something. Actually I should google how to have problems and issues stay a way for a few days at a time so I can have more fun in my days.

English: Sony DVD.