Daily Prompt; Charitable

Actress Tracy Pollan and her husband, actor Mi...

Actress Tracy Pollan and her husband, actor Michael J. Fox, at the 40th Emmy Awards.

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You’ve inherited $5 million, with instructions that you must
give it all away — but you can choose any organizations you like to be
the beneficiaries. Where does the money go?

Well here is a prompt that is going to show my human weakness. I know you all know I make many mistakes. I realize you have and never will see my wings. LOL But when I read this post I automatically thought about my car and Al.

At one point we had a different vehicle. We kept it until I was forced to go into debt with another car loan. The vehicle we had before was a truck. Oh, it was a real nice one and pretty. I will admit it was not as easy to drive but it had a lot of memories that I still treasure.

Well one day Al was getting out of it and he almost fell. Then another time he struggled to get into the truck. I couldn’t figure out what was going on? He acted like he was half-drunk getting in or out of it. Then as time passed he fell to the ground trying to get in. The finale was when he got back out he fell again.

He couldn’t stand well and I took him to our family doctor who in turn sent him to a Specialist. After x-rays were studied we learned Al had torn ligaments in his knees. He had to wear a brace and struggled with walking. It wasn’t long after that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Now I  understood why he was falling.

Although it pained me to give up the truck I bought a car that Al could get into. Then you know what happens for months after that,,a car payment. It was a good decision. Al could get in and out of with no problems. It was roomy and closer to the ground.

So if I came into that kind of money I would definitely pay that car off. (I just went back and reread the question again. I am supposed to give all the money a way. I guess that doesn’t include giving money to the loan company does it? Sorry about that one folks).  It would ease my mind while I care for Al here at home since it is my biggest bill. With the other money I would purchase a home for each of my kids.

I would go meet Michael J. Fox and donate a large amount of money after I took him out to dinner.  I would have empty houses turned into homeless shelters. I would take a vacant business building in town and turn it into a diner. All  help would be volunteers and anyone could eat when they were hungry. An account would be opened to make sure the kitchen was stocked and the bills were paid.

This isn’t just something I would love to do, it is my duty as a human being here on earth. I get so sick of hearing so many people start conversations off with the word I.  I want to hear We will do this together. How can we help others? It is not right that there are hungry and homeless in the world.

I realize that not everyone that goes without didn’t do something to help put him/her in the situation. And there are others who prefer to remain simple and hidden. But for the most part people don’t ask to be in the situations they are in. It is not our place to judge what or why they ended up this way. It is our duty to say We are here to help you.

God, Are You Opening a Door For Me?

Parkinson's disease patient showing a flexed w...

Parkinson’s disease patient showing a flexed walking posture pictured in 1892.

There is a huge part inside of me that is screaming and jumping up and down. I am filled with excitement and thanking God for helping me to maybe make a dream come true.

To let caregivers and families know more about Parkinson’s Disease. To have the chance of helping others to not have to travel this long and painful journey to go it alone is a dream I have prayed about for months.

Today I received a comment from Melanie Winrow. Melanie and I met each other several months ago here at WP. She is a wonderful and positive person filled with talent. You may visit her website at;


I was so excited to know that God may be  opening a door for Al, others and myself, I just had to share with my precious friends. Below is her comment to me. You may also be able to see it in the comment section of my latest chapter from Al’s Life Journey, Chapter 6.

Terry, I’m starting my own radio show next week (guaranteed
4000 listeners).  Would you like to be a guest to talk about your
book?  I still keep all your writing (a grand total of 355 posts since I
first heard about you) and I can tell you that you have talent.

Over the coming months I will be doing a
number of charity shows (radiothons) to raise money for both Alzheimer’s
(first) and Parkinsons (in a few weeks time).  If you’d like to get
involved with any of that, you’d be welcome (I know you have enough on
your plate.  Importantly, is there anything Al/you need that we can buy
if we can raise the money?  If so, I’d be happy to do so (for example, a
hospital where a friend lived lacked, of all things, an MRI scanner.
For lack of that, she was sent to Portsmouth as the nearest place – and
died en route.  We would have raised the money for a scanner if we’d
known.  It doesn’t have to be anything that big – anything at all that
would make your life (or the lives of other sufferers easier.

I am thinking of you and Al.
Take care
All my love

Al’s LIfe Journey, Chapter 6

Panic attack

Panic attack

This week could have been better for me. I have suffered minor set backs of almost panic attack feelings. Stress and tight muscles as I went to bed and waking in the mornings  to the same feelings. I wondered if I even slept well at all through the nights.

This has been happening to me ever since the day I thought Jesus was standing very near to me. I think that my mind races like a spinning top about all kinds of things. Al coming home soon. Will I be able to do everything I need to when he is here? The inner guilt of choosing Al over working outside the home. Wondering now that I have written a few chapters what really happened to Al when he was little.

It just seems I do not stop the thought process, and I have learned to hide beneath my covers and sleep. This doesn’t help me long-term. I realize it is a temporary fix but at times it is enough to relax me some.

As I was about at my wit’s end last evening where I just wanted to pull my hair out, fall to my knees in tears, a good friend of mine from Canada called to chat. She told me that she felt she was supposed to call.

God has the perfect timing. He knew that I had enough. My bucket was ready to spill over and he sent a friend to the rescue. We talked for over an hour. I almost didn’t want to talk at first. It is very difficult for me to release the silly feelings that I carry inside. It is much easier for me to pretend that life is good and all is well.

My friend is a very strong Christian woman and so I was able to confide in her questions that had been spinning in my mind and we talked through them. By the time we hung up my tight chest had relaxed and I felt an inner peace I had not felt all of this week.

She made me see the light about caring for Al versus having money in my hands. She told me that God will take care of my needs as long as I am sincere. I feel very sincere when I say out loud, I want my brother home with me. I want to give him all the support I can. I want him to know that he is loved and I will be here with him through this journey of his life.

Maybe once Al is home I can get the routine down pretty well and pick up a job caring for someone else while he is at Day Program. I dare to say that my first book is now done and getting ready to be published very soon, that this would make me any money. I didn’t write it for that reason, to get rich. I know that is a foolish dream.

I wrote it for my children for when I am no longer here. I wanted to leave a mark here on earth, a memory of how I think, but if God wanted me to make money off of it, he will. He is an amazing God and what ever he wishes for me will all be good.

I think one of my deepest thoughts that fly around in my head is Al. When I read back what I have written I see what I was put through at a very early age. I see  how my innocence was stolen from me. But, what about Al? Surely there are reasons that he was so afraid in those young years. I don’t believe that children are born afraid. Something or someone has placed that fear.

My friend and I prayed together over the phone that God shows me how to help Al release the hidden fears he has kept buried all of these years. I can do nothing to help him alone. I have tried so many therapy sessions with him and we get no where. But God can do anything.

It won’t help Al rid the disease of Parkinson’s Disease. It could release bad memories and bring him a release and therefore joy. Seeing Al carry joy in his heart and the two of us leaning on each other can not do anything but help us both.

Knowing that Al believes in his heart that I really do love him would be wonderful. To see him trust me totally would be so wonderful. So now I ask the Almighty God to help me to help Al.