I Am In Heaven!

English: Two children enjoying a bubble bath

I don’t know what happened today while the shower lady was here, but I think I will not question it, nor will I make any unexpected noises in the house. I feel like I am back in my first apartment, when I left my ex. The little box I lived in was all mine, peace rang through out the walls. I lived it and loved it, and only gave it up once I started caring for Al.

Tonight, Al ate fairly well with no gagging or choking and he finished all of his supper. He told me after he was finished, that he was going to his bedroom to read his bible instead of staying out here with me and watching his two favorite shows, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. I was a little shocked but said nothing. I cleaned up the kitchen and came over to my best friend here in the house, my computer. This is where I reach out to all of my good friends I have made through out the years.

Well time ticked by and still no Al. I got a tiny bit concerned and so decided to quietly tip toe in his room and make sure all was well, and it was, and I was greeted with a small smile. He has continued to stay in his room the whole evening. Of course, now that I have written this, he will be out here any moment. This is just the way life works, like saying your car is such a good running car, and then when you get in it tomorrow to go to work, the starter has gone out!

Well, after I realized he was not coming out, I quickly changed the television to the music station, and landed on the jazz from the forties, fifties, and sixties. How relaxing is this? Pretty darn relaxing! Cheek to Cheek by Mark Murphy is now playing. I had forgotten how much I love a good song. I am not being forced to watch American Pickers or Storage Wars. I am not saying I don’t enjoy them, but come on, the whole night long?

Then the creative juices started flowing inside of my tired brain. I peeked in on him once again, and still got the smile, so I sneaked into my bathroom and shut my door and lit my candles and ran myself a nice warm bath.

I love my bathroom, since I have fixed it up with oldies and Victorian items. Light the candles, and lie in a bubble bath, with only the glow of the candles bouncing their reflections of the walls and my bubbles.

I was in heaven, let me tell you. I have had the stiffest neck and shoulders for the last 24 hours, and although the pain is not entirely gone, most of it is. I took my time, soaking, then got out and dried off. I brushed my hair 100 strokes, until most of it fell out from old age. LOL. I got dressed in my pretty nightie and went into my bedroom and began to trim and file my toenails. Wow, I once again thought,  I am in heaven!!!!!

I am so thankful for what ever happened to give me these two quiet hours. God if this was you’re doing, I praise your name over and over on bended knee. If this had to do with our new shower girl, I whisper to you , a big thank you. One more thing, could who ever made this happen possibly make it happen again one day next week?????

I Am Sorry

Pawn Stars

For almost two days I have been a ghost, and no one has seen me, but I am alright. I have been answering the phone, that has been ringing off the hook, from the ad I placed. I received calls from very young girls to elderly ladies of 76 years old. Not that 76 is so old, but I think too old to pick Al up from the floor when he falls.

Last night I did end up giving Al a few moments of sunshine after talking to many strangers. I took him out to eat and then went to Wal-Mart to window shop. This morning he got up at nine thirty and I stood at the corner of the desk, and watched his legs freeze while coming down the hall. He gets about five feet from me and starts to walk towards me and before I could blink one eye, forward he fell. He missed the desk and went straight to the floor. It was almost a graceful fall, no hard thump, just going down.

I tried to pick him up, but I couldn’t do it. When you have an ill person and they can not help themselves much, and then fall, it is like dead weight, times two. I managed to get a table chair over to  him, and with much coaxing and patience, the chair, he and I made it to the sitting position and in the chair. He was alright, but he doesn’t understand why he falls.

I am the first to question, are we going into a different stage or advancing in the stage we are in of Parkinson’s? This is the third fall in less than two weeks. I fixed his complete breakfast today, as I didn’t want him to try to get up and do anything. He ate, but with not much gusto. He seemed tired.

After breakfast, he did clean up his mess and went to his bathroom and brushed his teeth, then instead of coming out here in the living room he went to his bedroom to his recliner. He had a clean brief ready to put on, but never did, until I prompted him. He said that he had forgotten.

I am finding this more and more. Part of it could be explained by the many pain pills he is on, and some of it can be blamed on the true culprit, the Parkinson’s. He thinks of what he needs to do, but I find he doesn’t carry the thought out.

We had two interviews today. The first one was a nice lady who has a special needs child of her own. Her husband works second shift, while she stays home and cares for her child. She has seven years as a CNA and has much experience. She quit her job when the doctors told her that her child was special needs. Now the parents care for their own child by rearranging their own work schedules. I think this is nice, that they think of him first over the money.

The second person was a male and he had many credentials. He seemed very nice also, but we talked more of the religion than anything else. Religion, as you all know, does not bother me, but at this interview it was Al that I wanted the topic to be based upon.

Each interview, Al came out at my prompting, to see and hear the people, but he dozed off for most of the time. His ears were open, but his eyes were closed. He smiled at both of them and answered when questioned.

His interests were perked up when he discovered that the lady loved Storage Wars, and Pawn Stars. He talked the most to her. After both interviews left, Al took his nap and when he got up we discussed what he liked about each interviewer and who he liked best. He chose the lady. His biggest reason was that she was a lady.

Ladies have always cared for him, and I think that was a pull for his side, but I am sure that he liked it because of the Pawn Stars and different shows they both loved.

She will be here six days a week for four hours each day. She will start on Monday. She, Al, and I are very excited. I promised myself that this time, I will not get my hopes up of the forever fairy tales, but I can hope.