The Third Bunch Of Thank-Yous For Al’s Cards

English: I took this picture myself.

English: I took this picture myself. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An example from 1949.

An example from 1949. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wanted to come to you once again and say a huge thank-you to all who have responded to sending my brother a get well card or any of the other many wonderful cards that have been sent.

He loves them and his eyes got so big today, even after the ordeal at the dentist. He received four cards today, and boy, was he excited!!!!

So a big thank-you today to:






You all get my blessings for helping to make this day brighter for Al. May God bless each of you!

14 thoughts on “The Third Bunch Of Thank-Yous For Al’s Cards

  1. You’re quite welcome. I hope what I tucked in the card came out OK on the other end and didn’t get pulverized by the mail system…

    My husband helped pick them out on our walk this past weekend. 🙂


    • i could still smell the leaves, as if they were just picked on the trees. Al asked, how did these get inside the mailbox? I just laughed because he thought they had fallen through the tree and somehow found their way to the mailbox. i explained to him. I don’t know if he understood, but i did, it felt awesome to feel something from your area and to be able to smell the fall in it. thank you Tara!!


      • Cool! Then I should remember to cut and send some pine when we get closer to Christmas. I LOVE that scent (2nd favorite after wood burning scent).

        It’s cute that he thought they somehow got into the mailbox. A little mystery in life is good for the soul. 😀


      • i still smile when i think back to yesterday and how he wondered how those got in the envelope.
        i love the smell of fresh pine, absolutely love it!


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