Those Three Little Words

Last night was like any other night with Al. He slept a couple of hours and then he was up. I think last night I was up four times with him. Yes, I am tired today. I am looking forward to bedtime again.

With his body not listening to him he may want to be turned, or wet, or a drink of water. I just never know what it will be. Each time I woke up from just getting back to sleep my body rose a little slower.

On the third time Al was a little chatty. Most of the time I can’t understand him, but this time was different. His voice was louder and his words were clear.

I was repositioning him and when I finished I was pulling the covers back up and over him when he said those three little words I have never heard my brother say to me.

He said I love you.

In fact, he said, ” I’m sorry sis I am such a pain in the ass, but I love you.”

Wow, I came back with, ” What did you say?” He repeated it again and I just smiled at him and told him that was the best Christmas present I could have ever asked for. I beamed from ear to ear.

He went back to sleep. I sort of bounced and slid on cloud nine back to my bed. It took a few minutes for me to go back to sleep because I was savoring those words and burning them in my memory.

What a great moment God gave me. I know God has always known that it bothered me that Al never even said he liked me, let alone he loved me. So although I am dead tired, my heart is wide awake.I-Love-You-Wallpapers-5


35 thoughts on “Those Three Little Words

  1. Aren’t we always yearning for this sis? I always yearned to have my youngest sister say those words~ she never failed! It healed all wounds and lifted every burden for me too. Al & you shall never be separated in the only sense that matters, spiritually !


  2. So glad! Yes we do need to hear these things. It’s not because we need our ego’s stroked or that we would do anything other than give our best regardless. But affirmation is soooo very good for the soul and really lifts us up and encourages us to carry on in spite of the challenges we face every day


    • Thank you Cynthia. I had waited for years for those words. His, well our Dad, was never kind to him, so when I became the one caring for him I always felt the same resentment from Al. This brought a big relief to me, knowing he didn’t feel the same way about me


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