Tell Me What You Think of These, Please

While I was biting my nails on my way to the dentist this morning I managed to take a few photos. I just can’t seem to go anywhere without my camera. I really would like to have your opinions on these photos. I am trying to decide if they are good enough to share with those I meet new in town here. So without further ado, here they are, and thanks ahead of time for checking them out.

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32 thoughts on “Tell Me What You Think of These, Please

  1. I like these Terry. One reader said that we will find our niche. I love the photo art aspect of it. I feel like an artist as I add a touch of this or that. So I think keep doing what you do and have fun with your photography.


    • I really enjoy taking photos and showing them here at WP, but strangers I may meet? This is what I need to know, are they good enough for strangers, or will I just get laughed at


      • I would hope that you would not get laughed at. If so I’d be a bit leery.. I think it’s a great avenue for conversation and meeting new people. I can only speak for myself..


    • Thanks for letting me know. I love taking photos of clouds!!! The dentist visit turned out to be a bad experience with news and a terrible price of what has to be done with no insurance


  2. I really like these Terry, although I hope you don’t mind, I am not over keen on the effect you added to the first one. It detracts from the image behind it. The lines are in the forefront and hide the real beauty. The effects on the others are more subtle and bring out an already very good photo.


    • I went back and looked at what you said about the top photo. I can see your point very clear. I was trying to be creative, but sometimes creative doesn’t cut it. I always like your thoughts because you are honest, and the comments help me to see and learn. Hugs and thank you for sharing your views


      • You’re welcome. I’m glad you didn’t take offence to it. I like what that photo is as I always love sunrise, sunset and cloud photos. I had my storm clouds featured on the Cloud Appreciation Society website.


      • That is awesome your photos were featured! Congratulations! I never take offense when it comes from you my friend. I would be more offended if you sat back and hated my work, but remained quiet


  3. Well, sure you should share them! You know, the other day I picked up a new free calendar, and it listed all the people who had entered the competition to have their pictures used on the calendar. Seems to me you might find something online about offering your photos in that kind of setting.


    • Wow, now that is a very interesting idea. I guess if they can have make fun of fat lady calendars on the market, they can take my relaxing photos, right? Hey, thanks so much for that tip. Merry Christmas dear friend

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