Diabetic Nutritionist

Tomorrow I go to an appointment with a Diabetic Nutritionist. My appointment is very important to me. I have heard some negative and positive remarks about these specialist.



My hope is for balance. I am so tired of not having steady sugar numbers throughout the day. Not only are my fingers tough from being poked too many times, Medicare only pays for sticking your fingers twice per day.

With my issues these past couple of months, I run out of the strips before it is time to get more. The strips are quite expensive, or at least for me. I have a One Touch, which is what Medicare will pay as far as the brand of strips.

I am excited to be going. I am really hoping to get some answers on how many carbohydrates I should be eating too. Each diabetic is different in their needs, of course.

After my dental visit yesterday, I went away from the building feeling very unsettled and not very trusting. I am going to go to another dentist next week for a second opinion. The way I look at it is, it is going to hurt bad in the healing process. Shots to numb the mouth are no picnic; so I at the very least want a dentist I trust.

I was playing around with my camera after supper tonight. Trying different lens and angles. Here is what I found to be the best of the several I took. What do you think?

green grassgreen grass 2green grass 3green grass 4

6 thoughts on “Diabetic Nutritionist

  1. i am sorry you didn’t have a good experience with the dentist. it is good to hear you are going for a second opinion. you absolutely want someone that you trust or it is going to be a rather nerve racking experience no matter how good they are.

    i am looking forward to hearing how it goes with the nutritionist. again this is just dependent on whether or not they are really good at what they do and are they the kind of person you can relate to. don’t get discouraged if you don’t like the person the first time, it can take a little time and effort on both sides. just be very clear on what you expect.

    thinking of you and sending loving healing thoughts my friend

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  2. All the best Terry, for all of it. I am sure hte nutritionist will be of very good value. I also hate dentists and do not like going and I am always afraid too. I know how you feel. You have my thoughts with you !


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