All It Takes Is One Word

He was in a pit. A dark, deep pit. A dying pit. No one came to help him. No one seemed to care. He had screwed up so many times, called Wolf too often. He was a loser. He lay in a filthy alley. His clothes dirty and torn. A needle sticking out of his vein. A dog ventured by and urinated on him. Bums walked by staring at him. One came close and kicked at his legs. With no physical response, the bum went through a search party of the body, looking for something to steal. He let tears flow as the bum walked a way with nothing gained. “Oh God, I have deserted you. You called my name and I turned my back on you. I am a failure. It’s too late now. I am dying, just as I deserve, all alone.” It was a short time later when a young man came along. The youth was in a hurry and instead of taking the usual route home; he took a short cut and stopped when he saw the sight laying in the darkness. Without a word, he reached for his cell and called 911. Soon the EMS came wailing to a halt. They did vitals and a quick check, then quickly lifted him onto the stretcher, whisking him off to the local hospital. When he arrived and was rushed into a small room, he saw the light, a light so bright, all he could do was blink. He stared and made out the form of Jesus. All he could say was in a faint voice; Thank-you Jesus, thank-you for rescuing me. Thank-you for loving me. Thank-you for not turning your back on me as I once did to you.


Terry 2

3 thoughts on “All It Takes Is One Word

  1. I have to send emails I can’t post comments without registering and they keep asking about if I want a blog site or whatever but I enjoyed the story very much thanks for sharing with me. God bless you Terry Sheperd. Like your photo very nice


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