Daily Prompt


Undulate-move with a smooth wavelike motion.


This is the way I feel in the winter. A slow-moving creature, existing, waiting for Spring weather to appear. I don’t believe it bothered me so much when I was younger. Raising a family seemed to speed by season to season.

Today, I live a much more quiet life. Although Thanksgiving and Christmas are highly loved and celebrated holidays; it runs through my mind often, I wish it was over. The body not only looks different when you reach the age of being called a Senior Citizen, the internal body changes also.

The heart beats a little slower. The need for more rest is very apparent. Our hair can become thinner as our skin does a little also. Noise is more bothersome. Quietness becomes a God send at times. We notice more sags and bags. The thoughts begin to form about what we can do to keep our youth a little longer.

The real thing that doesn’t change though; is our inner spirit. For me, my inner spirit doesn’t allow me to see the true changes when I look into my mirror. My thoughts remain often times on the idea that I can still jump on that chair and clean those cobwebs in the corners.

Yes, it is the spirit that keeps us young. No matter what someone sees, they can feel our spirit through our talk and actions. Hang onto it, cling closer, live deeper and live longer.


The spirit floats above us

And around us, through us

And in between us

Never letting us

Forget our inner child.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd