Thu Words Be Gone 

Thy Words Be Gone

Her tears wrote words of sorrow

Her fingers traced memories 

Her bed spoke of hollow

Her lips dry; still begging, please.

Only yesterday her body warm

Hands reaching, clinging tight

Now the heart shattered and torn

As words were spewed with all their might.

Lying cross her bed, naked and ashamed

She wished to erase the scene

It doesn’t matter who’s to blame

She visioned him placing back the ring. 

Written by my feelings, 

Terry Shepherd 

Daily Prompt/One Word Prompt

Evoke means; bring or recall to the conscious mind.


I called a few insurance companies the other day. I am trying to obtain a new auto policy because after six months with my current, they raised my payments 13.00 per month. Their thoughts when I questioned them was, “everything goes up.” Well, I hate to say it, but my pay per month didn’t rise one cent.

Anyways, I called this one number and as I waited for someone to answer on the other end, I took notice that I had called that number many, many times over my life time. If I changed the area code, the number was my grandparents phone throughout their marriage until death do us part.

Oh the good memories. So many, that it is hard to pick out a few spectacular ones. It being winter, I remember when my granddad took his tractor and with a heavy rope, he attached an old Ford truck hood. When this hood was placed upside down, it made a perfect sled to be pulling grandchildren down the isolated, country roads. I will never forget those times and can still hear the sounds of laughter in my ears.

As a grandchild, I helped pull hay bales onto the bed of a trailer. I ate warm cherry  pie with a big scoop of ice-cream on top. When fire did damage to the house I lived in; I slept in my grandma’s upstairs old bed. It was a spring bed that squeaked and sucked my body deep into the middle. I was wrapped with a vintage quilt that kept me warm all night long. I awoke to a chill and opened the stairway door, inviting me downstairs, because my first smells were fried bacon.

It didn’t matter what time of day or night; I could always go to my grandparents home and find big, fat sugar cookies or home-made potato salad. Along with plenty of good conversation and lots of love, I love my memories of those days.

Although, I called several insurance companies, I received zero good offers; but I do want to thank the insurance company who brought back to mind all wonderful memories, all because of one, single phone number.