Age Doesn’t Change Some Things

Yesterday I was sitting in a car waiting for the driver to return from paying for goods. I observed a lady in the next car over. I noticed her hands and determined her to be in her 80’s. She had a white, wool scarf on and pretty, brown hair. It took me back when I watched her take her scarf off and when she lifted her pale fingers up to her hair and give the bangs a tug, the whole head of hair moved. A wig, this lady was wearing a wig.

It then make me smile as I thought of her age and then looked at my age and went down to my kids ages. We all want to look nice. There’s a billion dollar market out there in beauty. I guess depending on the age, the desire to own this or that is still important.

I look at some products and wish, realizing that at my age now, perhaps I shouldn’t be buying that item. There are wild colors out in the stores to be bought to glamorize the eyes. In my days, it was blue eye shadow and very black Mascara. Today, there are purples and golds and more.

Times and fads come and go I guess, but the deep-rooted things in our hearts still remain. We want to look good, smell good, and all that plus.


glamour 2