We Shall Never Give Up!!

The weekend is over, but is it really? I know, you are going to bed early, getting up and going to your job. Kids are going to school. Routine, routine; but for some of us, the weekend is no different from a week day.

Some of us struggle daily with walking, sitting, standing, talking, choking, swallowing, exhaustion, infections, diseases, receiving enough help.

We don’t get a day off. Tell you what. I bet there are many like me who feel and hate having to get help from the government or programs offered for the sick and disabled.

I will tell you another thing. Most of us who remain at home, once had jobs. We raised children and families. We did that routine from Monday-Friday. For me, most of my working hours came on the weekends or evenings.

Last thing I want to say is; I will trade you any day. I will work your job, your routine, and you take my position and do it 24/7.

Support and help fight for Multiple System Atrophy, Parkinson’s, Ataxia and any other disability or illness that keeps us from doing what once was our routine.

Terry Shepherd


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Daily Prompt/One Word Prompt



Let the mind entertain outside the box. Programming from childhood can sometimes keep a body and mind stagnant. Words such as dumb, stupid, ugly, low-life can burn an ugly photo in the mind.

Read a new book. Visit some place you have never entered. Purchase an outfit from a different department you usually shy from. Try a new shade of color, a new haircut. Change your daily routine; just a little.

The sky is limitless. The colors can be brighter, the rainbow more colorful. All you have to do is entertain the mind.


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