The Meeting With the Top Dog

candle-animated.gifYesterday I called the facility to set up a meeting this morning with the Administrator. He tried to find out what it was about but I told him I would tell him when I arrived. This morning I said a small prayer to act like a responsible adult and not cry or act frustrated in front of this man.

I walked in calm and breathing normally. We shook hands. He smiled and I returned it. It is not hard to look at a young man with beautiful eyes and nice hair. LOL I told him everything. I spoke to him about Al sitting in the bathroom in his wheelchair while he had to figure out how to go pee when he didn’t need to.

I told him about the stolen candy. I mentioned the cookies that the nurse had made such a big deal about. I told him about my unexpected visits and how the two staff members jumped when they saw me there. I added that I want a staff to be near by when he is dressing in case of toppling over.

I spoke to him about the nurse who discussed Al’s weight loss in front of him. I explained how he went back to his room then telling another aide he was going to die because PD was taking his weight a way.

I tried to get my point across for the umpteenth time that no one should discuss Al’s health in front of him unless it is good news, as he builds a case around it for days.

I also reminded him that I had been talking with the nurses and charge nurse and I could get no where. Now I was at the top of the rank expecting help.

He told me to go out and replace the candy and bring him the receipt. He also said with a big smile that he would look into all of this. One thing I did appreciate was he was taking notes about the entire conversation.

So now I sit back and wait to see what happens……All in all I do pat myself on the back because I acted more like a mature caring adult then a hurt sister. But I did get the point across that Al is my brother and I will stop at nothing to ensure he is at much peace as possible through his journey of Parkinson’s.

Polly and Al

pomeranian drinking in slow motion

Today, I took Polly out to see Al, so they could meet each other. I walked into his room and he looked at me and looked at her travel carrier and did not say a word. He seemed so quiet. I asked him if he was alright, and he said yes.

I took Polly out of her traveler and held her up to him, and I received a half-grin. I asked him if he wanted to hold her and his answer was no, so I continued to chat about her and how he was doing and his teeth.

He said he did alright and ate ice-cream and pudding yesterday. I saw that he had the dirtiest of nails. This is what I do not like about his shower schedules. Twice a week for someone who constantly digs at their head. I nicely told the nurse about it, and explained how they get so dirty so easily, and she said that he was getting a shower this afternoon, but to myself, I thought, what about the other five days in a week. I smiled and went back to Al’s room, but took mental note to keep tabs on this, because they will not allow him to have finger nail clippers.

Word got around that their was an adorable pup in the house, and soon I received lots of visitors in Al’s room to look at Polly. I was definitely the proud mama, showing off the new baby.

Al watched but said nothing. Maybe his teeth were still bothering him a little, but he definitely was not himself. I asked him if he still enjoyed living there or if he was bored and wanted to come home, and he said he liked it there, so I dropped the topic.

I asked Al if he would like to go to his favorite restaurant this Friday. I told him it was supposed to be fair weather and that I had been there yesterday and had missed him sitting beside me. He said yes and smiled at me.

I worry, you don’t need to tell me. He is my baby brother and I am still and always will be the one who will do what I can to help him smile. So he and I have a luncheon date for this Friday. We chatted for a while longer, and then I told him I needed to get going. He looked t me and asked,

You are not letting that dog stay here are you? I chuckled and said no, and he said good, because I don’t want to fall anymore than I have to.

I told him I loved him and would see him Friday, and left. A few more wanderers stopped to see what was in the traveler. I heard lots of cute remarks and one staff wanted to take her home with him. I don’t know about Al, but I enjoyed placing smiles on the elderly faces, that looked so sad.