I Did It!!!!!!

I got my four hours today! I left after showing the caregiver what to fix Al for his lunch and showing the medications he would need. My stomach ached and my eyes watered as I left the front door. I felt all over again, I was dropping my first child off at her first day of school. I cried like a big old baby.

Even while driving, my gut still hurt, and I wondered if I was going to be alright. I almost turned around and came home. I had my cell phone in my shorts pocket, so I could pick it up as soon as it rang, and I knew it would, as Al could not do alright without me there, but it never rang, and I did get over my gut ache.

I went first to the goodwill store, and found me a warm house coat for fall and winter. A pretty blue and zip up front, floor length. I bought some tiny gold bells and I am searching for other miscellaneous items, as I am going to be making a decoration for Halloween and Christmas out of two chicken coop windows. I will show the finished product when I get er done! lol

Then I went to my favorite store, Carson’s, and went clearance shopping. I did find a Yankee candle marked down to twelve dollars plus another twenty percent off of that. I am a Yankee candle freak! Lilac bloom was the scent, which I love! I also bought a plaid pair of sketcher slip on shoes. Blue plaid which had been fifty-nine dollars, and I got them for twenty dollars on clearance.

Then I was checking the clock, because once I rid myself of  home fears, I was into clearance shopping and my time was running out. I stopped at a gas station, and grabbed an eat and go sandwich, and took off to a second-hand store, to look for more decorations for my window panes, but didn’t see anything cheap. Sure wish we had a craft shop here in town. I did purchase an old baby dress. Remember when they were white cotton with lots of eyelets on them and scalloped edges? Very simple. A white cotton slip underneath, with tiny little buttons on the shoulders, and the dress itself has three tiny white buttons in the back. I have it hanging on a hanger in my bathroom along with my Victorian shoulder shawl and matching hat, and a vintage glitter clutch bag with matching shoes. My bathroom looks vintage for sure!

Well, it was fun, and when I walked in my front door, the caregiver said that Al talked her legs off about all his coca cola and showed her each piece. She said he was lying down, but when he heard me come home, he came back out to the living room to see what I had purchased. I showed him a white bear with the coca cola symbol on it, that I had bought for him. He smiled at me, he smiled!!!! at me!!!! He seemed like he was glad I was home, and he told me he was glad I had a good time, then he went in and took his nap.

All in all, it was refreshing for both of us, and I am anxious to go again next Tuesday. Al smiled, and I did it!

Second-hand shop