I am having huge problems with loading. Have made a complaint, and many have followed my complaint with the exact same thing.

Just don’t know if you will receive this or not, but wanted you to know that it isn’t you I am ignoring, but WordPress just spinning and not loading. Can barely see my stats, if at all, but something is wrong, and this has happened ever since they changed the photo and log in page.

I miss you and hope to get back on better. Right now, just off and on. Can see your replies but don’t know if you can see me commenting to you.

Hope they fix it soon, as WordPress is almost my outlet on life

Hugs to all of you!!!!


37 thoughts on “WordPress

  1. Have had some minor issues…spinning wordpress logo and taking a l-o-n-g time to load…but it seems to have cleared up in the last few hours…I’m thinking they put another hamster on the wheel.

    Be encouraged!


  2. I’m not having any problems though I haven’t tried to post anything new today. But I can access my blog quickly and didn’t have a problem getting on here either. Hope everything is solved by now.


  3. Well, your post came through so at least that’s okay… I’m having a problem that no one else seems to be having but so far no answer as to why it’s happening..All my ‘instant’ notifications on my email are listed as coming from one blogger so I don’t know who it’s actually from until I select it and it tells me…It’s confusing. So I finally put everyone on ‘daily digest notifications’ as they show from the proper person…trouble is I only get them once a day. Nobody at WP so far has the answer. Two people have tried. Oh well?? Maybe it will clear itself. ….Diane


    • i have not had that happen either, i wonder what would happen if u turned the notification off for the one person everything is coming from? maybe that would fix it, just a thought, hope they get it cleared up. that would be a pain


  4. Been there .. had the headache – but not the t-shirt …. it fixed itself – I turned of the PC and let it rest for a couple of days – and when back on – everything back to normal. Many users of worldpress and our computers collect a lot of search information – maybe you have to give it a good clean. Because every time you search or use internet that is saved at your computers hard drive and it just clogs up and in the end – download for free – http://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/ and run that every week .. just do download and use. I have used it for over 10 years now.


  5. Sorry you are having troubles – I hope it is taken care of soon. I know what you mean about wordpress being an outlet…Tea and my wordpress every evening and I am on happy gal!! 😉 Blessings.


  6. It started when WordPress changed their page, it was every slow and would not load even, but they went back to the old format and it works fine today. I was going to write them about it but it looks like they got the message from other folks who hated the new format and so they went back to what they had before. They should know: if ain’t broke – don’t fix it.


  7. I noticed the same thing. It’s an annoyance.

    Ya know, I get frustrated with WordPress glitches like these from time to time too. Fortunately, they are only temporary glitches that occur from time to time. Otherwise, I might have to ask…. whether I might be too attached to this blogging thing.


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