The Sowing of Souls

Flower Petals

In the middle of a flower

The petals hide the prize

Of what gives her life

And  waits to open to skies.

It needs nurtured

And watered and

Fed the right food

For it to turn out to be any good.

A strong sturdy stem

Holds the weight in its hand

And shows off the beauty

Of the soul that’s so grand.

The petals have opened

Her soul has been bared

People are looking

And some have stared.

They didn’t realize because no one asked

That God grew this flower for a very special task

Where no one had ever dared to look twice

Now they were saying, oh wow, she’s so nice.

So when you see someone you don’t really know

Nurture them with kind words and watch how they grow

Help them to blossom in who God hath made

Plant seeds in the sun, and not in the shade.

Liebster Blog Award

Aneesa nominated me for the beautiful award and also her mate, Faraaz.

This is a fantastic blog! Here is part of what each one says about themselves.


About me… Well I like to talk, to cook and to dine with others. I laugh too loudly (and sometimes inappropriately…) I like to eat peanut butter out of the jar with a teaspoon and I like sleeping with the covers over my head.  I am good at keeping secrets but bad at pretending to get on with people who I just don’t like. I love to drive, only if I have nowhere to go. I love kids (although I suspect they don’t feel the same way about me…)


I’m a man. People ask me about cars, computers, gadgets, sports, martial arts and  anime. Those questions I can answer. Questions about me? Not so sure I know what to say. I started off as an architect, in the bustling metropolis of Johannesburg, South Africa. How I ended up teaching English in Korea is a mystery.

Please go to their website to read even more !!!!

What is a Liebster?  The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

So what do we have to do to show our appreciation?

  1. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
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-If you could go anywhere, where would you go, and why?

Back to Germany to experience what this country has to offer in a new way. Before it was being married and pregnant.

-What was your reason for starting a blog on WordPress?

God. I had asked him to help me feel productive while staying at home caring for Al.

What is your most frequently visited blog and why?

I believe when I talk about Al. Others suffer from Parkinson’s or other diseases. We somehow help each other through our words, through support, comfort, and experiences

-Did you look at Freshly Pressed today? If so, which featured blog post did you like the most?

Sometimes I do, but sorry to say, today I did not

-What most inspires you?

My friend Lezlie, and the wonderful friends I have made on this blogging site

-What type of atmosphere most inspires you to write/take photos/illustrate/whatever it is that you like to do?

It doesn’t matter what the atmosphere is like when I write, I tend to tune everything out but Al’s voice

-If you could be any celebrity for a day, who would you be?

Dolly Parton, She is confident, beautiful, giving and a genuinely caring woman. God is number one in her life and her husband is second and then her family and the world

-Favorite movie quote?

Run Forrest Run, From Forrest Gump. He has disabilities but never gives up

-What is something that you would like to see people post more about?

organizations in home states, support groups, places to go for help of all kind

-Favourite Starbucks drink?

None, I find it way too expensive

If you were a word, what word would you be?

confident, always striving to have it but keep letting others kick it away

Now you give your answers to these same questions.



jeans72 x


frizztext (@frizztext)




George Weaver


Thank you once again for this beautiful award!

Can Parkinsons Make Up Its Mind?


I didn’t hardly sleep last night. Can you believe that this class reunion could keep me restless? I actually was surprised myself. I went to bed at one am and I was awake three different times and finally wide awake at six this morning. I am definitely taking a little cat nap while Al sleeps.

Al is up and quiet as usual. From what others have told me, he is quiet as he places where he is and gets everything running correctly in his mind. I like knowing this, so I don’t have to have any added stress about what might be going on with him on a brand new morning.

As I have said before, he is obsessed with using the bathroom. I haven’t counted, but I would bet my left arm, that he goes in and tries at least six or seven times a day, and then has to make sure he comes out and lets me know is results are negative or positive.

We found a natural food that works so much better than the Milk of Magnesia or Miralax. It is called bananas. Works like a charm for him. One a day brings results once per day!

Last night we went out for dinner and he had to go use the facilities to try to do his duty for the day and then he proceeded to carry on about it during our meal. I have explained and did once again, that I really don’t want to hear about it, and especially when I am eating. This upsets him, because this is as important to him as his coca cola collection.

This morning about half way in of eating his breakfast, he gets up and heads for the bathroom door. He comes out in pretty good time, and tells me it was a success, my own kind words here, and then starts to complain because it happened while he was eating.

Oh my gosh, give me a break! How far is this obsession going to go? Maybe we should, or I should sit down and make a schedule on when to try, and he can place his results on a box near by. He can go no other times except when the schedule permits. What do ya think? Crazy isn’t it.

We can not control this, it is a matter of nature. I just wonder what else he will be obsessed over before this whole illness has finally come to an end.

Dr. Charles Knew I Needed This

Bay window in Christ Church Hall


August 11/12, 2012

Handling Difficult Circumstances

Philippians 3:8-11

The apostle Paul understood how to handle tough circumstances. Even while he was confined in a prison cell, he kept his eyes on Christ and trusted firmly in the Savior. Therefore, despite being in chains, he was able to celebrate the Lord’s work in his life. In fact, the epistle he wrote from jail to the Philippians was filled with rejoicing (1:18; 2:18; 3:1).

Focusing on Christ is neither a natural reaction nor an easy one. Our instinct is to dwell on the situation at hand, searching for solutions or stewing over the pain and difficulty. As a result, troubles look scary and overwhelm us with a sense of defeat.

However, fear and defeat cannot live long in a heart that trusts the Lord. I’m not saying you’ll forget what you’re going through, but you can choose to dwell on His provision and care instead. He is the Deliverer (2 Cor. 1:10). He is the Healer (Deut. 32:39). He is the Guide (Prov. 3:6).  The believer who lays claim to divine promises discovers that God pushes back negative emotions. In their place, hope, confidence, and contentment take up residence (Phil. 4:11). You aren’t going to be happy about a difficult situation, but you can be satisfied that God is in control and up to something good in the midst of trouble.

The Lord’s principles and promises don’t change, no matter how severe or painful the situation is. Focus on Christ instead of the circumstances—God will comfort your heart and bring you safely through the trial. Then you can answer Paul’s call to “rejoice in the Lord always” (Phil. 4:4).

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