Dating Scene

I remember I was at the roller skating rink with a girlfriend, and there was this really cute guy with big blue eyes and he even had a beard! I was in the 11th grade, and so beards were sophisticated to me. I kept trying to flirt with him by pushing him towards my girlfriend, but he wouldn't make a move towards her. I was kidding and flirting by stating smarty pants like, if you don't want to date her then you should date me, and he said, ok. Wow, he ended up being my husband in the end, but now we are divorced, which is ok also.

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29 thoughts on “Dating Scene

  1. I miss you!!! That’s quite an interesting bit of insight into you and younger years, and while things didn’t work out, you certainly gained wisdom from the experience! <3<3<3


      • I honestly can’t say. Originally when I started WP, I was blogging from my laptop, mom used my iPad (so I felt guilty for asking for it) and I read and responded to comments using my phone, then I (hides face) transitioned to my work computer ;-). So that meant I was able to blog all day, and as you remember most of the night as well :-D. But the bloody work computer started malfunctioning, so I took it as a sign to stop being so absent-minded, and stopped blogging from work. That left me with my phone which is now refusing to browse the web properly, and freezes every time I try to respond to comments or add comments to a new post, and to top it off, the laptop seems to be straining my eyes. I think I need new glasses again :-(. I don’t know how I managed to dig myself into such a technological mangle :-(. As of now, I spend most of the time, reading posts when I can, but being unable to respond the way I want to, and it makes me so frustrated! Uuuurgh!!! But today…..I’m using my work computer 😉 shhhhh… 😀 It’s Labor Day Weekend!!! 😀


      • well i am so glad to hear from you, if only once in a while. u r a special friend to me, and i hope soon i get to talk to you more……….thank u for the wonderful comment you gave to me!!!


    • It is “sad but not sad somehow” – it was a beautiful beginning – and although hearts were broken, it is still a part of who you are. – does that make sense? I think it is because of how you ended your post… “which is ok also”. Blessings.


      • it makes sense. we make a lot of errors through our lives, especially in our younger years. i thought that marriage was going to be forever, like a fairy tale, cheating husbands were not part of the rules, but we heal and we learn. i am not as trusting today as i used to be, but yet i am still looking around for a good man. i used to search constantly, and then gave up. now i pray if god wants me to have someone, direct me towards him or open my eyes that i can see who he has picked for me


    • the best days are when we are teens, but so many teens, including myself, don’t know how good we had it, and innocence was a big factor. my ex went after my best girlfriend who i had been friends with since we were 13. that hurt me real bad, but have moved past by now


    • thank you so much for reading it 🙂 it does stir up memories, good and bad, this is when i learned that not all friends can be trusted, as my ex started being with my best girlfriend


  2. The day I met my ex bf I thought: I could marry this man…but after 3 years I still knew I could marry him but I would have never been truly happy, so I guess I made the right decision no matter how difficult it was.


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