Marijuana, Pain Pills, and Natural Alternatives

I am sore and unsteady today. My feelings are more of sadness, thinking too much or maybe not too much of my brother Al. But, I changed my mind about blogging tonight after reading a dear friends post tonight. Her name is Sheri and here is here website.

Her post brought back the hole in my heart caused from the  overly medicated state  my brother became from medications with his MSA. I knew years ago that Al may die an earlier death than so-called normal people. This is true of so many that are mentally challenged.

I asked myself why bother. Why go back into details of my brother. It won’t bring him back. In fact, it places those sad memories on the front burner of my brain. I then knew that the reason I wanted to write was because I felt drawn to speak up on Al’s behalf for anyone who has a terminal illness or an illness that is ongoing like what I have; Diabetes.

In our Western world, doctors pump pills and patients usually take them without questions. We tend to lean on the idea that if we don’t pop pills, we can not be healed. We take so many antibiotics that our bodies can no longer fight infections as well, as it becomes immune, therefore causing what we have today known as Super Bugs.

The biggest Super Bug we have at this time is MRSA.

Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

Staphylococcus aureus (or informally referred to as “Staph”) manifests itself in many ways, but is probably most famously known as “flesh-eating bacteria”. About 25% to 30% of the general population is colonized with Staph in their nose or on the surface of their skin, but if it finds its way beyond the skin barrier, it can cause a variety of infections, ranging from minor skin infections, including pimples or boils, to more serious infections that can lead to fatal outcomes, such as pneumonia or sepsis.

For many years, penicillin and methicillin were considered excellent treatments for Staph infections. Strains of Staph that are resistant to methicillin were first observed in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. However, in recent years, community-associated MRSA has become more prevalent. A recent article in JAMA estimated that in 2005, MRSA infected nearly 9,000 Americans, in whom 1 in 5 infections were deadly.

My brother was definitely very ill with MSA. It was a rare disease with no cure in sight. I don’t blame any doctors; for all they know how to do at this date is prescribe pills or liquids and patches for pain.

Again I repeat, each pill we take causes some level of side-effect. There are medications that can cause death. Even with my Diabetes, some of my medications slow down my metabolism, which keeps us diabetics on the heavy side. What we need is a medication that speeds up our metabolisms, helping us to lose weight, therefore keeping our sugar levels under control.

My brother was put on heavy-duty drugs to try to keep the pain away, but the high price he paid was a sooner death. Medications to help pain cause other infections. They can change the heart beat, cause UTI’s, even make our brains go hay wire.

If I could have had more choices in Al’s level of care and I had an abundance of funds, I swear after seeing what he suffered from side-effects, I would have moved us to a state where Marijuana was legal.

Sure, he was going to die, but just maybe he could have had some sort of normalcy during his months remaining. Instead what I saw was a brother who saw flowers dancing on the floor, or uncontrollable laughter or tears.

If I get a terminal illness, I don’t want to use the rat poison that is in Chemo Therapy. I want to try other countries ways of treating illnesses, without all the pill popping. There is herbal and Chinese, really there is so much more out in the world than what we see in front of our noses.

I guess I am done posting. I want you to  understand if I need a medication or you need one, I agree with going to the doctor, but a terminal illness; now that is the topic I am talking about.

I will always remember what my dad said three days before he died of Multiple Myeloma; which is; Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer that is caused by malignant plasma cells that proliferate in the bone marrow and produce abnormally high amounts of a special protein.

He said he would have turned down the chemo and lived out his days with a natural outlook. No chemo, no tiredness, or vomiting, or weakness. He said he would have traded all that in for just a few more months of feeling better. I agree with him, after I took care of him and saw how he suffered, and worse yet, died anyways.

I know that seeing so much illness in my career, I don’t really want to know what is going on with me. I am afraid that I won’t enjoy my life. I will become obsessed with how I feel, doctors, medications. I would rather try a natural healing and enjoy my kids and grandkids to the end.

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15 thoughts on “Marijuana, Pain Pills, and Natural Alternatives

  1. My heart goes out to you and the suffering you have seen and endured. Having witnessed the horrifically painful death of my mother, I have a terrible fear that our government with put overbearing regulations on pain medications, making it very difficult if not impossible for people suffering unbearable pain to get the relief they need. I am a propionate of marijuana for pain relief, though I am fearful it will not be allowed here in Florida.
    It is true antibiotics are handed out to freely, but I think that has
    become less of a problem knowing what we know today. Thank you for a very thoughtful and intriguing article.


    • You are very welcome my friend. We do need medications and I believe you have a very good point with what we now see happening today. I hope you get your wish in Florida. It should be made legal everywhere, at least on the standpoint of medications and pains


  2. To medicate or not to medicate…that is the question, and I guess it’s never an easy one to answer. And there are no right or wrong answers. I’m sorry you’ve had to face the question too many times. Too many.


  3. As others have said, there are no right or wrong answers to this. Personally, I would do all in my power to ease pain, discomfort and illness before taking medication but I believe that these strategies can sometimes work in concert with traditional medicine. You do what you need to do.
    I’m sorry you are still hurting Terry, although that is natural. Blessings to you at this time.


    • Hi Suz, it is so nice to see you again. Medications are wonderful but they come with side-effects. There are other ways to heal besides pills. We just need to google and discover other ways……hugs


  4. Terry – I read this blog earlier on my iPad but it seems I always miss something when I read on the iPad because I always have other people around. Sometimes I read when Tom’s sleeping but I wanted to give your blog my full attention.
    You’ve written an informative and excellent blog. Marijuana for medical reasons was on our last election ballot and we missed winning. The final count was 49/51. I hope it will make it on the next ballot. I believe in medical marijuana. I’m also totally with you when it comes to leaving this earth. Just because medical science has advanced and can keep us alive a few more years or even a few more months – the only pay-off goes to those making the money. Great blog my friend.


    • Thank you Sheri. I appreciate it with your busy life that you take time to read my posts. I don’t want to live longer in order for some snot-nose I don’t know to make money off of me. Another point is, why live longer? So we can see more hatred in the world, so we can look more wrinkled than normal? It isn’t worth it. God gave us a birth time and a death time, and I will go when he calls me home. I do hope they vote in Medical Marijuana. I didn’t give it too much thought until I saw all the terrible side-effects Al suffered from. He was going to die, we all knew it, but he may have died with less pain and a little more dignity. When my brother was begging me literally, to go to heaven, I had no doubt he was hurting. No way would he have let his coca cola or cars behind if he could have fought the pain any longer. This rips my heart out as I still hurt so much for the loss of him, but there is healing in talking about dear Al too. Big hugs, I think of you daily, and wonder how you are doing……….


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