I have figured out from sitting at home now a days and hearing the TV in the background why the topic health equals money.

Oh, not so much money in our pockets but in the vitamins,  diets and low self esteem departments.  Of course, if you think outside the box you can think of many other corporations who also benefit. 

In two days I kept track of the commercials playing on an average work day, day and evening hours. 

80% were involved with hidden words, meant to infiltrate our minds about how awful we look or how over weight we are. How we don’t have enough energy, or our children are not as normal as the kids down the block.

We aren’t intelligent enough to choose our own health care insurance.  We over looked the other ones. Our hair is dull and listless.  

Our teeth aren’t white enough.  We have bags under our eyes.  We are middle age and should be looking like we are twenty.

Is it not obvious why more psychology couches are filled to the brim?  Why it takes so long to get a doctor’s appointment? 

What about the huge boost in prices for medications and physician doctors visits?

When I was young, we did eat from the land more. We did play outside and got dirty without being concerned with environmental medical problems  

We did eat fried chicken with the skin on and most often was fried in lard. We did drink whole milk. We did enjoy fresh fruit pies with ice cream.

We ate mashed potatoes with gravy and our families lived longer than we, who listening to commercials are dying younger.

Yes, things  are different today, and I sometimes don’t like the words modern or convenient. Some things we can’t change and some things we can,  like turning an ear to TV, or at least the commercials. 

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