We Will Move On

Slowly, Indiana is lifting the lock down. Restaurants are at fifty percent and some are not open other than drive thru. I think this is due to some fear. No one wants to get sick.

As for me, in another week, I will be able to get out in public again, according to our Governor.

Eric Joseph Holcomb is an American politician serving as the 51st and current governor of Indiana since 2017. A member of the Republican Party, he served as the 51st lieutenant governor of Indiana from 2016 to 2017 under Governor Mike Pence, now the 48th Vice President of the United States.

In my opinion, he has done his job well. I believe he really cares about us here in Indiana. I have ventured out but with caution and have stayed out of stores unless food is needed to be purchased.

Our weather here for the last few days has been filled with humidity and heat. This is not our usual May weather but instead, it is our August weather. The air conditioner has been on already and I am not happy about that because it cost money.

The topic of schools is getting bigger here. It seems like colleges will resume as normal in the Fall but I am not sure about the lower education classes. I have heard it may still be E learning. I have heard it could be a mixture of actual class time and E learning. I feel bad for the kids who actually need that stimulation of friends around them and a teacher. It will be interesting to see what happens.

High school graduation didn’t happen in a lot of schools because of the virus. Since June is arriving, I have seen that some schools are going to have actual graduations. I hope the kids get to participate in that, they sure do deserve it.

How is the virus affecting your town thus far?

3 thoughts on “We Will Move On

  1. I live in a resort area, and our governor was overruled by a State Supreme Court on a technicality. So – we’re wide open in Wisconsin. Nothing gradual.

    Our businesses are grateful. They needed the business to save their livelihood. People in IL crowded our town because they are still locked down and have to wear masks everywhere. This is a mixed bag for those of us who live here.

    I am grateful to work from home, and wonder if they will bring us back to the office sooner than I want to go back to the office. Since I am a contractor, I’ll have little voice in the matter.

    In two weeks, I will be 66, at my full retirement age for Social Security. If I can hang in until I’m 70, I’ll get a much better benefit, though. Since I clerical work, it’s not physically demanding, and I have nothing else left for retirement for a number of reasons beyond my control. I’m just thankful and grateful that I have a really good job right now.

    My nephew’s school in IL decided on a virtual graduation for the 8th grade. There was a link you could share with as many family members as you liked (no limit was nice!). The showed the child in their class picture (or one the family provided), and put it on a PowerPoint slide that included the clubs they were members of, and what awards they’d won that year. GPA as well, I think. It was nice, and he didn’t have to get all dressed up (his view on the difference).

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    • i wish I could find a job where I worked from home. I think that is a great way to show a graduation. Here, students are going to receive four tickets to share with anyone who would like to attend their graduation. I turned sixty six in April. I was a housewife for so many of my years and then I had a seasonal antique business, so I earn very little in my Social security. I am forced to live off the system for the first time in my life. Do what you can to get a bigger security check because being poor is not cool and you can’t go back and change things once you begin collecting. Hugs

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