9 thoughts on “Question of the Day

  1. I usually try to start thinking in September as I want to do my Christmas cards myself, but it doesn’t always work. Shopping, is all during the year, if I see something which is perfect for a special person I buy it and keep it. I try not to get into the Christmas shopping frenzie.

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    • I sometimes purchase gifts throughout the year also. I begin earlier, mainly because I don’t have the funds any longer and it takes careful shopping and online looking to get a good deal. My kids keep telling me, don’t worry mom about our gifts, but I can’t seem to do that. They are my kids, although grown, they have always had a nice Christmas from their mom and I still like to give them a special day. Hugs

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      • I can understand that, it is lovely to give gifts even to your adult children. As we love htem so much we do want to give them something additional to our love. Hugs back to you♥


  2. When I had children and a low income, I always began with a layaway in October. That way I had the right sizes for my choices. Kmart had a “we’ll mark your layaway down if the item goes on sale” policy back then, and it helped.

    Now that I have only one child to shop for (grandson), I don’t really begin until after Thanksgiving. I might buy some decorations here and there, but not a lot, since I don’t hostess any gathers.

    Cards are limited to signature only, pretty much as I really try to keep in contact with folks better than we could afford to do when phones were long distance (expensive) and we could only keep in touch with letters.

    Good Question!

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    • i used to have to put things on lay a way at K mart but I don’t remember the price match, but my memory isn’t as sharp anymore. My husband and I loved Christmas with the kids. We would put lay-a-ways on beginning in late August so we could get them all paid off, plus the fact that our kids always thought of something closer to Christmas. I used to delight in their faces when they unwrapped gifts. I miss those times so very much. I usually spend Christmas morning alone and it feels so alone but I have my memories and I usually go to my son’s home later that day and enjoy family time once again. Hugs

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