Chapter Eighteen

The two ladies talked for a little bit longer and then the police lady came over to me and said, ” You two be good, you hear? This here lady is going to take real good care of you. I will be back when things get all straightened out.” She actually put her arm around my brother and me and gave us a big squeeze. I sure did like that. I had never had a squeeze before.

She then got her paper work together and left through the front door. My brother and I sat there looking at the new lady, Miss Bea and when she noticed us looking her way, she came straight over and gave us the biggest smile.

“Are you two hungry?”

” I am a little. You should know that I take care of my brother because he really doesn’t talk much. He says a few things but he cries mostly.”

Miss Bea listened to me and then she picked up my brother and I stood up and we all went into the kitchen. Wow, what a pretty room. Bright lights from lots of windows. Yellow flowers on the curtains. This sure was a big kitchen and look at the size of that table. Well, it must be big enough for fifty people or so to sit at!

Up against one wall there were a few high chairs lined up. She drug one over to the table and popped my brother in it. He looked up at her and he actually didn’t cry. He looked over at me and so I sat down on one of the big chairs. Boy, was it heavy, all wood with big boards on the top and even the seat.

As soon as Miss Bea’s hands were free, she went to the refrigerator and got out a jug. It had milk in it. She poured me a cup and she poured a smaller cup for him. Immediately I told her that he couldn’t drink from a glass. ” For land sakes, it’s about time he learns to. I think if I read that paperwork correctly, he must be about two or so. Yes mam, it’s time he learned about growing up.”

I just looked at her and didn’t say anything else. She put the milk in a strange cup. It had a lid on it with a whole in the lid and it even had two handles. She wrapped his little fingers around the two handles and tried lifting the cup up to his mouth but he dropped it. She kept trying until he finally kept his grip on it.

He watched me drink my milk and eat my cookies and then with help from Miss Bea, he took his first sip and the next drink he did it all by himself. I was so proud of him, I started clapping my hands and then Miss Bea joined in and we were both clapping and Miss Bea started humming a song. I can’t believe it, I just couldn’t believe it; he smiled at me.

To be continued…

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