A Work in Progress

It wasn’t long ago that there was no worry or pain nor hurt. Do you remember that era? I do, it was when I was a young girl. Riding my bike, seeing how fast I could peddle, jumping rope, racing against my own legs. Swinging on the school swings. I can still hear my voice as I laughed full of freedom. Let’s see how high we can go!

Realizing when we got home from school our parents would be there or an entrusted sitter. We didn’t wonder if there would be a snack to eat, we knew it. We didn’t go straight to our room and throw our bodies on the bed and weep for what was to come.

I don’t think I actually felt a deep pain until my first break-up with my boyfriend in high school. I really believe for me, this is when I began to question who I was. Oh, I didn’t question the deep brain thoughts, I questioned my hair style, my clothes and probably my weight. I fretted about what the kids in school would say when they learned that WE were no longer going steady. Would I be able to handle seeing him without wanting to die?

Oh to have some of the simplistic life today. I still ponder on life but in different ways. I now no longer worry what people say about my clothes, because the major underside is comfort. I need comfort to be able to function from my gut problems of daily swelling. I don’t worry about make-up anymore because I rarely go out. I do think about how I look when my daughter comes to visit. I guess I never want her to see through me and guess my pain, so it is easier to play dress-up.

Today, I wake up and immediately thank God for a new day. I tell him my concerns and I pray for my children and their relationships and I pray for our President and our country. I ask him for strength to get through the day and I ask him for his healing.

Today, I still try to think of little things I can do or say to others. I believe we all, more than ever, need to know we are loved and needed. I believe that one smile is worth feeling alone. I firmly believe in Peace today. Peace within myself. Realizing that I made a ton of mistakes growing up and raising my family and peace that I can not go back and change one thing.

I want to know when that day arrives that Jesus lifts me up, I will have forgiven myself and that I am going to a beautiful home. When I look back, I smile at myself, at the progress I have made. I am far from being where I need to be, but I am making progress. I am what I would consider, a work in progress.

Guardian Angels


Today on Joyce Meyers program, the topic was guardian angels. I love listening to her, and I have said it over and over; I hope to go see her in person before I die. This would be a dream come true for me.

Anyways, I wonder if first of all; you believe in angels. I do, I certainly do. I ask the angels to surround my car when I go somewhere in it. I ask the angels to stay near my family and keep them safe. I ask the angels to surround the Multiple System Atrophy patients and caregiver, along with family. I ask God to send angels to everywhere high on earth who have highly-placed positions and bring them peace within so sound and true decisions can be made.


I believe there are angels who help me through each day, guiding me and gently holding me up.


What about you? Would you do any thing different on your day- to- day schedule if you knew for sure angels were watching and staying close to you? Would the curse words fade away?


What about the alcohol? Would you still consume it? Would you change anything about the way you treat your spouse or children, siblings or extended family? Would adultery become a thing of the past? Perhaps angels can help us get a better grip on our lives; if we only ask them.


Many do not believe in our almighty God. Some believe in another higher host and some believe in nothing.

This post is not to offend anyone or place anyone on the defense. This post is rather on angels. So tell me, what is your opinion? Yes you believe in angels, no you do not?


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Right Heart

Why does God heal some and not others? Why do some people get things that we have asked or prayed for, for years? How comes life seems so unfair at times? Why do some struggle so much of their life and others seem to breeze through theirs?

I don’t have the perfect answer. I do have an opinion though. I was watching Joyce Meyers today, and the topic was on Right Heart. I believe this is something that most, if not all of us struggle with at times.

I know for me, helping patients and families with questions about Multiple System Atrophy, gives me nothing but the greatest joy in my life. I love helping others. I get no monies from it. I, perhaps, could pat myself on the back; but why, this is not why I do it. I realize and remember too well what my brother went through.

I remember the fear and the multiple questions I would bombard doctors, and Hospice with. I help patients so perhaps they will not suffer as I did.

What about when our hearts are not in the Right Heart place. How many times have we fooled ourselves, convincing our minds, that we are asking for the right reason; but actually, the truth be known, we are asking for ourselves.

Joyce stated that we ask for things out of various reasons. Some examples may be status. Maybe we need to impress others in order to make ourselves feel better. If we have a new car, or a good position at work, or more money each week in our pocket, we feel good.

We ask God for things out of jealousy. We may ask for things to get help give us an inner power of being better than others.

I have to believe what Joyce said. We all need to rid ourselves of gaining anything; when we go to God in prayer. We should expect nothing in return. We should pray that God purifies our hearts, and we want only for God to use us while we are visiting here on earth.

It is a hard task because we are human, but with a prayer to God, asking him to help take all reasons away and to ask only out of thankfulness for what God has done for us, we can do this.

I believe death is something none of us will fully understand. Why do some people die young and others with bad heart attitudes seem to live forever? I believe in my heart that God sometimes takes people home early, because they have completed what God wanted them to do here on earth.

Other times, maybe God takes some home to save them from further suffering. Then there is the lesson. Maybe God wants us to learn something very important and we need to go through experiences that will teach us to look to God for answers.

What ever the case, God is the answer. We are placed here to do good things in his honor. We must have a Right Heart. We must think of God before ourselves. This is what I learned from Joyce today. Have a great day my friends.