Lighting a Special Candle

I don’t know if most of you know about the lighting of the candle. I know it has spread

Christmas candle

Electric candles

rapidly throughout Facebook.

I am asking everyone that had any emotions running rampant from the shooting of those precious babies in CT to follow me. Tomorrow 12/23/ and 12/24, we are all gathering together, and lighting candles periodically over the day. You may choose to light a real one at times or leave an electric one on all through the two days. I will start tomorrow and have an electric one running and from time to time light a real one.

I want to say a prayer.

Lord, our heavenly father. We do not know the reason why these precious babies were taken so early from our earth. I have to trust that you had the perfect reason. I know that each of these precious ones are now sitting on your lap and they are smiling looking into your eyes. They have forgotten all about what has happened, but we here on earth have not forgotten. It remains fresh in our minds even a week and a day later. Lord stay close to the families that are hurting so badly. Help them by showing your love on Christmas morning, as this has to be such a difficult time for them. I am sure there were presents under the trees. Oh how my own heart breaks for them. Take care of them Lord, like you do for the birds that fly in our skies. Love them and comfort them. Let them know that we the world care and we are lighting our candles for them. I love you God and I know you have heard this prayer. Love them as you do me. Amen.

Blog of the Year Award

I can not do what I have done in the past in following the rules for this award, but nor can I pretend not to be excited, for receiving this award from Bird.

Bird was the first one to read my blog this past March when I began to write. She was the first reader, the first comment, she gave me my first award, and although she is going through some drama, she always remains a follower to me yet today.

Why don’t you go over to her page and get to know her. You won’t regret it. You can find her at,

Bird, I want to take this moment to thank you for giving me confidence, to help me stand strong, and to remind me to lean on no one but God when days are filled with sadness. I love ya Bird!!!!!!