Threads Or I Am Going Crazy

I have been posting on the odd things that have been happening in Al and my home. I have found two different pieces of wadded strings. I had the gold necklace cross end up in my hands during the middle of the night.

Nothing else has happened until this morning. I went to do Al’s laundry from his bed. I took my pile to the washer and dryer and sitting on top of the washer was a blue piece of something.

I picked it up. It was bright blue like the sky. The touch was something I had not felt for so many years. It was so soft. Softer than Angora. It reminded me of the days when my family got baby chicks. When you picked them up it was like picking up pieces of soft, fluffy clouds.

I laid it down on the washer, and turned to sort out the dirty clothes on the floor. I was thinking, is this another sign from  Mom? What kind of game is going on here? Am I losing my mind?

You see I have talked to my best friends. I have spoken to many bloggers on WP and the ideas are just as different as East and West. Some say yes, it could be a sign from Mom. Others say no way, yet others say maybe it is angels.

After sorting the clothes out I stood back up to look at the piece of blue yarn again and it was gone. I was a little sad I have to tell you. I went ahead and started the washer. When I was getting ready to walk a way, there lay the blue fluff again on top of the washer.

I raced into the living room to get my camera and take a photo of it again before it disappeared before my eyes. I walked back with the camera. No fluffy yarn. I searched all around the washer and dryer, on the floor, nothing. It has been two  hours now since I last laid eyes on it and it has not reappeared since.

I don’t know what to think anymore. All I know is I am not going crazy. I am seeing these things.

Saddened I can only tell you about it as I have no photo to show you. I went back in and sat at my computer and picked up my sketch pad. This is what I ended up drawing. Does this have any connection or threads connecting from the blue fluffy threads to my sketch? Maybe or maybe not. Only my inner mind knows for sure, I sketch

You Asked Me

Mother and child

Mother and child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nobody wants bad news. You ask me how I am doing today, and I smile briefly, and say fine. I turn quickly so you don’t see the tears starting to fall. A lump forms in my throat, as I still see you sitting beside me, like it was yesterday, us both talking and laughing over iced tea. You combed my hair after my bath. You bought me pretty ribbons for my hair. You tucked me in at nights and told me beautiful bed time stories. We went school shopping and I tried on lots of dresses. We went and got ice cream afterwards. You cried when you saw me receive my kindergarten graduation diploma. Learning to ride my bike wasn’t that bad, because you ran the whole way with me until the tires didn’t wiggle anymore. Kissing boo boos and big hugs was your specialty. The smell of chocolate chip cookies drifting through my nose as I came home from school. Vacations to Disney World will never be forgotten. I whispered in your ear, that I was in love. You helped me buy my first prom dress. You held me when my heart was broken. You were there when I said I Do. I saw another tear, a tear of joy. You were the first to hold your grandchild. Another tear streamed down your face from joy. You ask me how I am doing today, and I smile briefly, and say fine. I turn quickly as another tear begins to fall, and this time it is mine. My mama has been gone one year ago today.

Dedicated to Trina