You Asked Me

Mother and child

Mother and child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nobody wants bad news. You ask me how I am doing today, and I smile briefly, and say fine. I turn quickly so you don’t see the tears starting to fall. A lump forms in my throat, as I still see you sitting beside me, like it was yesterday, us both talking and laughing over iced tea. You combed my hair after my bath. You bought me pretty ribbons for my hair. You tucked me in at nights and told me beautiful bed time stories. We went school shopping and I tried on lots of dresses. We went and got ice cream afterwards. You cried when you saw me receive my kindergarten graduation diploma. Learning to ride my bike wasn’t that bad, because you ran the whole way with me until the tires didn’t wiggle anymore. Kissing boo boos and big hugs was your specialty. The smell of chocolate chip cookies drifting through my nose as I came home from school. Vacations to Disney World will never be forgotten. I whispered in your ear, that I was in love. You helped me buy my first prom dress. You held me when my heart was broken. You were there when I said I Do. I saw another tear, a tear of joy. You were the first to hold your grandchild. Another tear streamed down your face from joy. You ask me how I am doing today, and I smile briefly, and say fine. I turn quickly as another tear begins to fall, and this time it is mine. My mama has been gone one year ago today.

Dedicated to Trina

15 thoughts on “You Asked Me

  1. WELCOME TERRI! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the pictures I take while I enjoy my retirement years.



    • thank you fgassette. i hope you enjoy my stories also. i take care of my brother who has heart problems, is mentally challenged, and has parkinsons and dementia, so my stories can sometimes seem down or depressing, but my days are different each day


    • that i do! I m so thankful for them too. It doesn’t get better, but u r right, it gets easier because we get used to the pain. thank u for the comment. and i love your comics!!


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